Anime Champions Simulator Dungeons Update 11: All Codes

Roblox Anime Champions Simulator has just rolled out update 11 popularly known as the DUNGEONS update. It includes an exclusive New World – Virtual Palace. Virtual Palace will be bestowing us with 6 new quests, new champions, skins, and Dungeons as well. The level cap for Virtual Palace World is 160.

Furthermore, Dungeons will enable players to explore the Labyrinth, earn souls to open Super Lucky Soul Orbs, and also to discover hidden treasures and diamonds. Be sure to use souls effectively, as they will be lost after each Dungeon.

Anime Champions Simulator Update 11

As the updates by Bura ACS have always been interesting, Codes are a very important aspect of smooth progression. Check out those all-new codes for Dungeons Update 11.

Anime Champions Simulator Dungeon Update 11 Codes

Given are the latest codes in the Dungeons update. The new codes will be updated here.

  • HappyNewYear
  • JingeBells
  • HappyHoliday
  • LagBeGone
  • SafetyFirst
  • MageWarrior
  • FreeWilly
  • RandomShutdownCode
  • VirtualDungeon
  • ShutdownBackInTown
  • QuestFix
  • DeathBall
  • Galaxy2Hype
  • DirtyGalaxy
  • WinterisComing

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Champions Simulator?

Anime Champions Simulator codes
Image: Anime Champions Simulator

Almost all of the ACS players might find redeeming codes, the most convenient way of proceeding further. Codes might grant you interesting items, rather than mere experience points. In order to redeem these codes:

  1. Open Roblox and launch Anime Champions Simulator
  2. Go to the Stores section, located on the left side of screen
  3. Scroll down till you get to the codes section

Make sure to enter the correct codes, with accurate spellings. To do that, simply copy and paste the given codes.


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