All Star Tower Defense New Update Codes (January 2024)

The All Star Tower Defense game is back with a new update after a long time. Through Patch Notes, we can easily see valuable and worthy stuff getting added to the game. At last, we have new Codes to get Stardust, diamonds, and more.

Here is everything you need to know about changes made to various characters and new additions to the game.

ASTD Codes
ASTD Codes

All Star Tower Defense New Update

Fusion Update
Fusion Update

Similar to the previous update, we see many events and quests coming in the future to reward users more frequently. Below is a list of new things players can find inside the game.

  •  New lobby song
  • Exotic Coin & Blue Gem
  • 6 Star blessing for Stardust
  • 7 Star blessing
  • Filler Gifts
  • Abilities and Nerfs/Buffs to characters
  • Christmas Box A, B, C added
  • Christmas Crate I, II, and III

All Star Tower Defense New Update Codes

New Update Codes
New Update Codes

As the update was out a few hours back, all the below codes are working fine and can be redeemed by the player instantly.

  • newupdate1121
  • UpdateThisWeek
  • sorry4delay
  • happyholidays1
  • happyholidays2

These are January 2024 codes allowing users to collect a higher quantity of Stardust, Blue Gems, Boxes, and Create for higher token rewards.

How to redeem Codes in All Star Tower Defense

Patch Notes
Patch Notes

If you are a newbie or don’t know how to claim rewards by redeeming codes, follow the below steps to reach the code page and get free stuff.

  1. Open All Star Tower Defense game on Roblox
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Scroll down and search for codes
  4. Enter given codes as it is in Lowercase
  5. Enter to claim rewards


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