A new Metro game leaked before announcement and claimed to be VR

A new Metro game is coming soon this year and the trailer of this game will premiere on January 31, 2024. In a 40-minute broadcast, people will be witnessing the PlayStation’s state of play, including the new Metro game.

Almost half a decade after ‘Metro Exodus’, the gaming community is abuzz with rumors of the next big installment. ‘Metro Awakening’. Rumored to be unveiled and this potential VR title is stirring the pot.

Metro Awaikenings
Metro Awakenings

The possibility of multiplayer gameplay; in the Metro universe. 2024 might be the year we see this game come to life, but questions remain about its accessibility and format.

The tweet is circulating on the X and the tweet was done by @kurakasis who is a video game researcher. “I can reveal that a new Metro game, which will be announced very soon, is a VR game titled.”

It is not revealed that it will cater to both VR and standard play. This potential leap to Valve’s successful VR venture with ‘Half-Life Alyx’ and ponder whether ‘Metro Awakening’ will follow in its footsteps or chart its path.

For nearly 5 years Metro Exodus and the community have been itching for a follow-up. The rumors are hitting up about the next Metro game. Unpacking this big leak Metro Awakening, a title that might make its Grand debut at the Sony State of Play.

game leaks before announcement
game leaks before the announcement

It’s rumored to be a VR title possibly exclusive to PSVR 2. Diving into the Metro universe in VR style but there is the catch which leaves a big chunk of the fan base out in the cold.

We have room for the tunnel solo so far, this next installment might just break the chain as the rumor is circulating that Metro Awakening offers both VR and standard play.

The series has always been about survival fights. For a survival fight in a mutated World deviating to VR could be a bold move. Metro Awakening on a PC or any other console is not yet known


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