Marvel’s Wolverine Pre-order Bonuses and a New Feature Leaked

Marvel’s Wolverine has offered us plenty of leaks since the Insomniac Ransomware Attack. Leakers continue to dwell in those millions of files to develop interesting tweaks for gaming communities. As the code was made publically available during the cyber attack, one such code was analyzed by a Reddit user VISCERAL.

The code appears to connect two characters and synchronize them. In addition, the code also adjusts the spawn matrix in case of unusual behavior. All these make sense only in the case of multiplayer mode.

Wolverine – Coop code + Preorder stuff
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Marvel’s Wolverine Co-op Mode

Marvel's Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine’s story-focused nature of the game supports the claim that Marvel’s Wolverine might feature cooperative mode, rather than a mere single-player campaign.

As of now, which Marvel character will join Wolverine is not designated, given that most leaks don’t stand up to their preciseness. As Venom’s standalone game is still in development, community experts suggest the supporting character might be Venom. However, following the huge success of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man could also be an obvious choice.

Even after the shocking cyber attack, developers have responded that Insomniac is resilient like Logan and proclaimed that the game is in development as planned. Players might be able to have their first glimpse in early 2025.

Preorder Stuff Leaked

Marvels Wolverine

Furthermore, VISCERAL has also shared a code that encircles preorder stuff. The Reddit user has not bothered to explain the code, but it looks like the Preorder has kinds of stuff like;

  • Brainhat
  • Dizzie Fizzie
  • Melee Fargarths
  • Bowling Balls
  • Armors
  • Hoods
  • Weapons like Bombs and Rockets
  • Achievement –  Hazami
  • DLC bonus – High Flyer

Marvel’s Wolverine is a PlayStation 5 video game, currently in development in collaboration with PlayStation and Marvel studios.


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