‘Like Logan.. Insomniac is Resilient’, Insomniac Responds to Hack

On Tuesday, the Rhysida ransomware group hacked Insomniac systems and stole and released over 1.6 million unsold files, computed to be 1.67 Terabytes in size. Furthermore, the dumped data was 98%, indicating that the remaining 2% of data is sold to a nonnative.

Since this cyber attack, both Sony Interactive and Insomniac mined silence on this issue. Finally, on 22nd December, Insomniac responded to the data breach via a Tweet.

Insomniac responds to hack

The studio confirmed that the stolen files included details regarding the development of unfinished Marvel’s Wolverine game, exclusive for PlayStation 5. Furthermore, it expressed the distressing experience as the personal information of employees, formal employees, and independent contractors was leaked.

Likewise, the impact of the data breach is currently in progress.

And as far as the gaming industry is concerned, gamers have expressed their support to Insomniac by stating, ‘Keep Cooking’ ‘We stand with Insomniac’.

On the contrary, some players have started publishing footage of Marvel’s Wolverine under-construction game construct from ditched files.

However, PlayStation Studios and Sony have yet to respond to the matter.

Changes Coming

Insomniac has stated that Marvel’s Wolverine games will continue to develop as planned. As the game is in early production, it will undoubtedly evolve throughout blossoming.


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