Insomniac Hackers Leaks Marvel’s Wolverine Game Details

Around a week ago, Cyber Daily reported that Insomniac Games were hit by a cyber attack from Rhysida Ransomware Group. And on this Monday night, after the failure of Sony and Insomniac Games to pay $2 million, the ransom price, the sensitive information of the company including the employees’ personal details was leaked.

The Rhysida group has leaked 98% of the unsold hacked data, which includes over 1.3 million files, computed to be 1.67 terabytes in size. The rest 2% of the data might have been sold to someone.

Most of the files contain the Marvel’s Wolverine game and Spider-Man 2 game details, including spoilers to the Wolverine and even the sensitive details of Employees like employment forms and termination documents.

Furthermore, among all these details, the publishing contract between Marvel and Sony Interactive Entertainment, signed by both Isaac Perlmutter, Marvel’s chairperson of entertainment, and Jim Ryan, Sony’s president has been dumped. The document was signed on 26 July 2021 and reveals the total of three upcoming Marvel games.

More specifically, the leak has stated that Marvel’s Wolverine game will be released no sooner than September 2025.

Rhysida Responses

Insomniac Games

As of writing, neither Sony nor Insomniac Games have responded to the news. However, Rhysida Group has responded to the leak, saying, “Yes, we knew who we were attacking. We knew that developers making games like this would be an easy target.”

Furthermore, the spokesperson of Rhysida has warned Sony from any actions by advising, “Sony has launched an investigation, but it would be better in the backyard.”


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