How to Complete Anime Champions + Death Ball Collab Quest

Anime Champions Simulator X Death Ball Collaboration brings event quests that can be completed in both games. For completing the challenge, badges are available to claim and thus ensure big things coming in the future.

Death Ball Collabration
Death Ball Collaboration

Here is a guide on the Death Ball / Anime Champions Collab quest with detailed instructions set so the player claims respective rewards without struggling or grinding for a long time.

Anime Champions/Death Ball Quest

Welcome to ACS challenge
Welcome to the ACS challenge

As you know, there are separate challenges available for ACS in the latest Galaxy 2 Update while another one in Death Ball Shenshu Update as both occurred recently and simultaneously.

How to complete the Death Ball Challenge in Anime Champions Simulator

Complete Quest
Complete Quest

At first, the Welcome to ACS quest should be completed followed by this one to claim the badge, and finally execute the task by claiming the reward.

Below are steps to complete the first challenge which is simple but requires little grinding at times.

Start this quest by making conversation with a Helper Bot called Death Ball Guy and follow the below tactics to rapidly move ahead in the challenge.

1. Kill 100 Enemies

Go to new world
Go to a new world

Initially, wiping off 100 enemies of Normal or boss raids works well. Use quirk abilities to gain exponential strength kill a total of 100 enemies and move towards the next task.

2. Repair Magic Tree

Magic Tree
Magic Tree

Enter Pirate Town followed by Green Planet next to Champion City and locate the broken magic tree. The player needs to remain active in the same world and keep on spending a big amount of coins to repair.

3. Reroll 10 Quirks

Reroll quirks
Reroll quirks

Go to the Quirk section to roll quirks. Have a good number of game resources to Reroll quirks. Keep on repeating and rolling until 10 quirks are claimed.

From Strong, Lucky, or Boxer, most of the quirks are worthy of unlocking.

4. Claim Legendary Quirk

Legendary Quirks
Legendary Quirks

This task can be simultaneously completed when rerolling 10 quirks. There are slight chances of getting Legendary Quirk upon trying luck numerous times.

Claim Death Ball Quest

Shenshu Update in Death Ball
Shenshu Update in Death Ball

Go to the quest menu tap on Death Ball Challenge and claim its respective badge. Get plenty of free rewards through Roblox New Codes to ensure a free flow of coins.


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