Clash of Clans Town Hall 16: Root Rider, Spirit Fox and More

Town Hall 16 Update is here in Clash of Clans. After a long time, a new TH level is available along with new defenses, merge options, new troops, pets, and many more. Players can now update their application to get Town Hall 16 and grind for months to max it.

COC New update
COC New update

Here is everything you need to know about TH16 as well as the best attack strategy to win battles and base layouts to safeguard villages from the enemy.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 16

Town Hall 16 Update
Town Hall 16 Update

COC Town Hall 16 is a game-changer in terms of defensive and attacking perspective. Similar to super troops, a feature of defense merging is available, boosting defense power along with boosted Giga Tesla attacks of TH16.

Below are new additions in this update which ensures nothing is missed and it’s time to get busy with lots of new stuff.

  • Town Hall 16 Upgrade
  • Root Rider (new troop)
  • Hero Equipment
  • Spirit Fox (new pet)
  • Defense Merging (Building Merging)

Let’s understand everything in detail to deal effectively while upgrading.

Defense Merging

Merge Defences
Merge Defences

An excellent feature that lets more buildings get placed by merging some of the previous ones. At present, cannon and archer towers can be fused to make it an extremely powerful weapon.

Ricochet Cannon

Two max-level cannons are easily fused into Ricochet Cannon which fires 2x more damaging fireballs to the enemy every second with bounces. Requires 14 days for this upgrade.

Multi Archer Tower

The Combined effect of the two archer towers makes the Multi Archer Tower even more fierce. Three broad shots are fired instead of two by this unit at a time. It requires 2 weeks which is the same as Ricochet Cannon.

Root Rider

COC Root Rider
COC Root Rider

Root Rider is a new troop that unlocks at TH15 and has the power to erode enemy defenses and smash walls making space for existing armies to create entry paths.

The use of wall breakers can be reduced while leading troops are developed, which seems to change attack strategy for both levels.

Spirit Fox

COC Spirit Fox
COC Spirit Fox

We now know that it was Spirit Fox that was growling around the bushes of the home village. New pet is extremely speedy with high damage attacks while Spirit Walk is its special ability.


We are glad to provide Town Hall 16 base layouts as soon as they are available while attack strategy will be readily available. Stay tuned to learn new tactics to boost performance by a massive rate.


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