Clash Mini Update 8: Download, Best Decks and Details

Clash Mini 2.0 aka Update 8 has been released globally bringing major changes to the game. From modifying the lobby look, new cosmetic progression, new currency – Dioramas, multiple new minis, and many more.

Here is a guide on everything that you need to know about Update 8 along with the best decks to push trophies and complete new mini passes quickly for better rewards and skins.

Clash Mini Update 8

Clash Mini New Update
Clash Mini New Update

Supercell hints towards the global release of Clash Mini through modifications that are essential for a better user experience and driving more engagement to the game in upcoming times. This is called Clash Mini 2.0 (better version)

Below is the list of new additions that are now live and the user can be busy achieving to complete most of the unlockables.

  • New Minis
  • Hero Progression
  • Cosmetic Progression
  • Token of Dioramas
  • Toy Machine (new)
  • Piggy Bank
  • New Season Pass and Quests
  • Secret Minis and Unique Skins
  • Deck Building feature

New Minis in Update 8

Best Decks for Update 8
Best Decks for Update 8

For newbies, it looks like a walkthrough will require even more time than normal as well as a secret mini-will step from now onwards. From the fusion of CR and COC, new characters are crafted

  • Executioner
  • Head Hunter
  • Inferno Warden
  • Shark Bait
  • Apprentice Monk
  • Storm Wizard
  • Giant
  • Sailor
  • Elixir Golem
  • Battle Boxer
  • Princess
  • Dagger Thrower
  • Dark Prince
  • Decoy Adept
  • Hog Rider
  • Chompy
  • Villager
  • Royal Recruit
  • Battle Machine (new hero)

These units arrived in an unexpected way and massive quantities. Each individual has its special attacks to lead the army towards victory

Changes Made to Lobby Area


A few rearrangements have been made to make the shop section move towards the right corner while the unit is towards the left. While the battle button no doubt remains at the center.

Inside the unit tab, minis are classified as Common, Uncommon, Rare, and increasing based on the level of user. It’s fine to claim each mini using a new feature of the game listed.

Cosmetic Progression

Cosmetic Progression Guide
Cosmetic Progression Guide

Cosmetic Progression allows users to claim minis by collecting yellow fragments at the initial stage followed by blue fragments till it reaches level 15 or quality mini stat.

In this path, emoticons and avatars of each mini are available to claim and each step on the ladder rewards with more resources.

Toy Machine

Toy Machine feature
Toy Machine feature

Toy Machine is a new feature rewarding with exclusive skins, coins, and other accessories. The use of Silver Key, Gold Key, and Epic Key will increase the tier list of items and eventually benefit the user.

Get these keys by completing missions of the mini pass, quests of the arena, and finally through the piggy bank.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank Use
Piggy Bank Use

Piggy Bank lets you have gifts every 6 hours. With the help of Dioramas, upgrade the piggy bank to a max level of 15 to get worthy options. Piggy Chest is pretty useful for gameplay purposes


A new currency that takes on hero shards and lifts experience to a new level. Ocean, Space, Animal, and many more decorations can be purchased instantly.

Clash Mini Update 8 Download

Free Download Update 8
Free Download Update 8

Clash Mini is officially available in a few countries but using the APK version, players can download and play without any major interruption but make sure to save progress.

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