Blade Ball Christmas Update Codes [December 2023]

Recently, Blade Ball introduced the Juggernaut Update which was part 1 of the Clan Update and the next update was suspected to go live from next weekend. Clan Feature is the biggest addition allowing players with the same interest to unite and fight together. At last, get Codes for collecting a few free items.

New swords in an update
New swords in an update

There were a total of 9 new swords added along with 2 new abilities which can be tried out in Juggernaut Gamemode. If you are not familiar, then read more about the Juggernaut Update below.

Blade Ball Juggernaut Update

Juggernaut Update
Juggernaut Update

Below is a list of new additions that are live and players can now complete every one of them.

  • Clan (Create/Join)
  • Juggernaut Boss Raid
  • Nebula’s Lightning (Dual)
  • Juggernaut Ticket Crate
  • Lucky Draw
  • Clan Missions
  • Clan Abilities
  • Reaper’s Edge
Daily and Weekly Missions
Daily and Weekly Missions

This update is very crucial as bonding between players is created and the team can progress together from now onwards.

Clan Feature

Clan details
Clan details

Anyone can create their clan with just 15k coins or 400 Robux. Simply assign a name and description to the clan along with custom badges and tags to attract suitable users.

  • Overview
  • Online Members
  • Earn Crowns
  • Buy Clan Points
  • Upgrade & Abilities
  • Clan Store
  • Quantum Arena
  • Calming Deflection

Once a clan is active, users can dive into daily and weekly challenges & quest which helps to upgrade clan abilities thereby benefiting the whole group.

Clan Upgrade and Ability List

Ability Tier List
Ability Tier List
  • Welfare: reward gifts are distributed daily at midnight.
  • Coin Earning: better coin multiplier for all members
  • Luck: increase luck rate in almost all sections
  • Size: increase the capacity of the group

How to get Quantum Arena in Blade Ball

Quantum Arena
Quantum Arena

Quantum Arena is an ability which requires a clan to be at least level 2 while the rest of the sub-abilities should be upgraded to Level 7. Once these prerequisites are done, simply claim through the clan section.

Quantum Ability creates a quantum void where all active powers are disabled and players can be frozen with a simple dash wiping them out of the league.

How to get Calming Deflection in Blade Ball

Calming Deflection
Calming Deflection

Allowing players to make the ball a lot smoother and thus deflection which is pretty useful. Before Quantum Arena, Calming Deflection can be unlocked by reaching level 2 of clan and level 6 of other skills.

How to defeat Juggernaut and get Juggernaut Tickets

New sword
New sword

A new game mode lasting from 10 to 24 December (limited) has brought Juggernaut Boss to the game. Enter the arena to last longer to claim Juggernaut Tickets.

If you are a Juggernaut, simply kill the rest of the players while if you are assigned the hero role, simply use the ball to destroy the boss and ultimately win the game mode.

Blade Ball Codes

Blade Ball Codes
Blade Ball Codes

Just after the Juggernaut Update, Blade Ball introduced the Christmas Update, which adds new abilities, currencies, giveaways, and much more.

Here are Blade Ball December 2023 codes which are fresh and waiting for you to claim free stuff. Use them quickly and enjoy items like Soul Reaver, Inferno Blade and many more.

New Codes


Previous Codes


This is everything that you need to know about this update. Keep enjoying new content with Roblox Codes until the next clan part 2 is released with more exclusive content.


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