Bethesda Reveals Starfield Statistics and Their Plans for 2024

It has been more than 4 months since Starfield‘s launch, and Bethesda has witnessed a positive response, owing to its creepy, peculiar, yet interesting features. This next-generation role-playing has supplied us with many interesting affairs like a planet full of invisible creatures, and a mod allowing us to build our own Space Station.

As the year 2023 is coming to its conclusion, Bethesda has released the data and statistics of Starfield planets and their adventures, along with the roadmap for 2024.

  • 13 Million players
  • 2 billion planet visits
  • 40 hours/player average time
  • The most dangerous faction: Ecliptic with over 12.2 million deaths
  • The most dangerous lifeform: Ashta (1.7 million deaths)
  • Favorite meal: Battlemeal Multipack
  • Most Trusted Weapon: Combatech Beowulf
  • Most used power: Sense Star Stuff
  • Starborn Players: 1.6 million

Starfield Statistics

Bethesda’s Starfield Plans for 2024

In the official blog post, Bethesda has cited that the changes to the game will start rolling out from February 2024, and the updates will include quality-of-life improvements and content updates.

The addition of more ship-building options is likely to please the shipbuilders. Furthermore, the inclusion of new difficulty settings will enable players to easily switch between the difficulty modes.

Among all, the expansion of the game to officially support mods is the most intriguing, allowing players to craft their own creations. From the beginning of early next year, players will be given access to the Creation Kit.

The Bethesda Developers have confirmed the release of expansion by saying, “The team is hard at work on the development of Shattered Space, our first major expansion coming next year. You’ll have new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more.”


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