Anime Champions Simulator Galaxy 2 Codes (Update 9)

Anime Champions Simulator Update 9 introduces Galaxy 2 along with a season 1 pass to grab new quirks that are way more powerful than existing ones. Boss Riads and Quests are coming rewarding treasure keys through Codes for a few rare items.

Here is everything you need to know about Update 9 from unlocking Galaxy 2 to having access to new codes to get swords and quirks.

Anime Champions Simulator Update 9

Update 9
Update 9

Below is a list of important things making their way to the player’s dashboard to make them busy for at least a few weeks.

  • Galaxy 2
  • Robux Pass & Diamond Pass
  • Merchant Shop & Location
  • Cosmic Quirks & Skins
  • White Mustache
  • Treasure Island
  • Marine Fortress

Galaxy 2

New galaxy and world
New galaxy and world

Galaxy 2 is the biggest addition of Anime Champions to this date. Simply complete the final raid to save Champion City and head toward the next galaxy. Below are essential things to cope with to get update 9.

Sail towards Champions Odyssey and fuel your ship to head towards the next destination. Players should keep in mind that enemies have an enormous boost in health making them stronger than before.

Merchant Shop

Merchant locations
Merchant locations

The Merchant Shop feature allows you to spend resources to get unique cosmic units and orbs as well. First, find a Merchant Location to have access to the shop.

Marine Fortress

Marine Fortress
Marine Fortress

This is a new world that has a total of 7 new champions ready to fight for you. Explore the whole map to know secret places by completing new quests.

Season Pass

Season Pass details
Season Pass details

There are a total of three sections for this pass. Free to Play which can be completed by every player while Diamond Pass followed by Robux Pass requires purchasing and is worth the price.

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Anime Champions Galaxy 2 Codes

Anime Champions Codes
Anime Champions Codes

Here are Update 9 codes to reward with exclusive items such as Galaxy Slicer, Water Waver, and other abilities. Simply redeem to get coins, diamonds, galaxy orbs, and many more.

  • WinterIsComing
  • TYBurger
  • Tournaments
  • Galaxy2
  • PatientZero
  • ThisisFine

Be fast as codes are for a limited time and have chances of expiring if not redeemed quickly. Above are working codes for the latest update to make your gameplay a lot easier.


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