Tower Defense X Latest Update: TDX Codes [NEW]

Unlike some sandbox games, Roblox stands spectacular with the feature of redeem codes, that allow players to claim free items. By redeeming codes in Tower Defense X, players get easy access to in-game currencies, free Robux, and a swift tower upgrade.

And now with the Tower Defense X Sale Update, there are some of the working codes that you can utilize to proceed in the game this Thanksgiving Period.

Updated on 2nd December: The Barracks update for Tower Defense X has arrived, introducing us to a new Tower Barracks. Players can buy a Barracks Tower with 2,350 gold and deploy troops on the path. However, interestingly, the update has introduced a few new codes in Tower Defense X

Tower Defense X Barracks Update Codes

Defense Tower X

The number of the Roblox codes is not fixed, as they keep popping up on their official social media.

New Codes

Barracks Tower Defense X

  • Barracks
  • costefficiency

Previous Codes

Here are the TDX Sale Update latest codes.

  • johnroblox3
  • johnroblox2
  • johnroblox
  • Sale_Update

Redeem Codes in TDX

Defense Tower Defense X Roblox

  1. Launch Tower Defense X on Roblox
  2. Tap on the loudspeaker icon, located at the top right corner
  3. Enter the codes in the text box

On entering the correct Roblox Tower Defense X codes, the reward will be applied immediately. Learn more about TDX Towers Tier List in the meantime.

Tower Defense X is a Roblox game, set in the world of Tower defenses, where the players clash against formidable bosses and foes to destroy a tower. Show your defensive and offensive skills and be the conqueror here.


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