Toilet Tower Defence (TTD): How to get Turkey Crates in Turkey Town

Roblox Toilet Tower Defence is now more exciting than before with the newest update introducing Godly Titan Cinemaman along with Turkey Crates and Spider Crates for exclusive units. Here is a guide on various ways to get Upgraded Titan Cinemaman through crates easily.

How to get Turkey Crate in Toilet Tower Defence

Godly Titan Cinemaman
Godly Titan Cinemaman

Turkey Crates are gift boxes that reward players with the latest additions of rare units of the game. Similarly this Exclusive Spider Crate has multiple Titan characters categorized as Godly units.

There are three main ways to claim these crates. Let’s look at them in a detailed manner.

1. Through Codes Giveaways

This might look suspicious but one of the easiest and freest ways to get crates. Simply enter a giveaway by the content creator to be a lucky winner. If the player fails, they should try out another way to unlock boxes by using TTD Codes.

2. Through Purchase

How to get Turkey Crates TTD
How to get Turkey Crates TTD

Turkey Crates are listed in the shop meaning a purchasing option is available. One unit can be purchased for 299 Robux which is a decent amount to get Godly TTD units. Transaction with more quantity lowers Robux’s cost in a significant way.

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3. Through Turkey Town

Turkey Town is a new arena with a never-ending wave structure. Get your team ready to enter a battle and reach victory to get +1 Turkey Crate each time. Lots of grinding and time-consuming tasks but rewards make you worth doing it.

List of units available in Turkey Crates

Godly Upgraded Titan Cinemaman
Godly Upgraded Titan Cinemaman
  • Turkey Cameraman (Epic)
  • Turkey Speakerman ( Rare, AOE)
  • Large Turkey Speakerman (Legendary, AOE)
  • Chef TV Man (Mythic AOE)

Upon opening multiple boxes, Titan Cinemaman of Godly can be claimed easily. Use coins and resources to strengthen the protagonist by making it an Upgraded Titan Cinemaman. Explore new features for more ease.


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