The Best Xbox Series X|S Deals: Starfield and Diablo Bundle, and More

Regarding gaming, the number of consoles are considered, among which Xbox Series X|S stands exceptional. In contrast to PlayStation, Xbox sparks with affordability, cool looks, and a built-in 4k Blu-ray player.

If you are considering experiencing gaming, Xbox might be a good choice, with the best deals surfacing on Amazon. It is up to you to opt in for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, as the given below contains the best Xbox Series X|S bundles.

Best Xbox Series X Deals

Xbox series x – Diablo IV bundle

The given bundle includes the Xbox Series X 1 TB gaming console, along with the Diablo 4 full game. Get it on Amazon

Xbox series x – Starfield bundle

The deal is available on Amazon, which provides a 1 TB custom SSD console, along with access to Starfield game download. In addition, you get an elegant themed wireless controller.

The Best Xbox Series S Deals

Xbox series S – Fortnite and Rocket League bundle

Get this all-digital Xbox series S bundle, which includes a console, Wireless Controller, Fortnite and Rocket League game downloads, 1,000 V-Bucks, and 1,000 Rocket League credits. Play it at 120 FPS for $359

Xbox series S – Minecraft Legends Deluxe bundle

Unlike other bundles that just provide a console and the chosen game, this one delivers free content like skins and cosmetics for Fortnite, Rocket League, and even Fall Guys. And obviously, Minecraft Legends Deluxe.

As there is a hunt for getting the best products, following the black Friday deals, the products are likely to go out of stock very quickly. But no worries, wait for a few days until they come back live.


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