Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon: All 60 Skull Locations in UGC Limited

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon brings a new quest hunt which is a type of limited UGC event allowing players to collect a total of 60 skulls hidden across the map. It is very crucial to act fast as only the first 30k skulls are eligible to claim Fonzie’s Skull Helmet.

Car Dealership Tycoon Skull Locations

Car Dealership Tycoon Skulls
Car Dealership Tycoon Skulls

Here are all 60 Skull Locations in Car Dealership Tycoon with a detailed explanation of the location so users can navigate and find the skull token easily.

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Location 1

Go towards the Limited Museum through the vehicle. Search on Wall Street to get the first skull.

Location 2

Head towards the Bank, you can see another one in the middle of the path.

Location 3

Pass through the front side of the bank until 3rs skull is claimed

Location 4

Turn left and move at the starting point of the ramp. Skulls have spawned at the corner.

Location 5

Go to the fourth floor of the Terrace of Car Parking. Look for each floor until one skull is easily visible.

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Location 6

Follow the main road which leads to the tower. At some point, Skull i waiting for you

Location 7

The front gate of the Car Factory lies another unit which is an easy target for the player.

Location 8

Search across all corners of the Car Factory building until the next token is found.

Location 9

Exit the building from the back side where a mud road appears. Be on that track to find the next one.

Location 10

Keep on racing your vehicle until a spot where three highway combines get hit. Quickly college skull through this location

Location 11

Find the area that has colorful containers near the last spot. See all directions for another one.

Location 12

Check on middle gaps across all containers. There is a high probability of getting one more skull there.

Location 13

Crawl across an empty building, and find a chance to get a skull in between the yellow structure and thus the empty unit.

Location 14

Spread and look out for all structures behind the Police Station. This is pretty hard to see but worth collecting.

Location 15

Reach near the beach area. At the start point of the ‘+’ design dockyard is our next skull token in the game.

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These were moderate and hard locations to find while the rest are easily spotted once grinding reaches its peak value.

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