Roblox Anime Champions Simulator: How to Get and Use Orb Enhancers?

On 25th November, Bura ACS, the developers behind the Roblox Anime Champions Simulator, released the Orb Luck update. The update has added Orb Enhancers to the game, allowing players to upgrade their orb. Here is the update log:

Anime Champions Simulator Update 8.2 Log
Anime Champions Simulator Update Log – 8.2

The developers have left us with a few ways to gather Orb Enhancer. This guide shall delve into each and every way to claim Orb Enhancers in Roblox Anime Champions Simulator. 

How to Get Orb Enhancers in Anime Champions Simulator?

Orb Enhancer Use
The Orb price will increase by 20% after each upgrade

On visiting the Land of Ants and the Titan Orb bot, the degradation bot will ask you for Orb Enhancers to proceed further with the upgrade. 

Using Code

Among other ways, this might be the easiest method to get Orb Enhancer, which is using the Anime Champions Simulator codes – GiveMeLuck. This code is sufficient to give you at least 1 Orb Enhancer.

This is not just one code to do so, there might be some codes coming future that can offer you the Orb Enhancer. So be sure to keep an eye on Bura ACS’ social media handles.

From Store

Orb Enhancers in Store
Players can purchase the Packs from the store, using Robux

As Orb Enhancer can be claimed for free, using Robux to buy it might not be an intelligent move. However, in case you would like to proceed with this method, you can buy Premium Pack for 399 Robux, and Repeat Pack for 599 Robux.

From Daily Quests

Completing daily quests is the simple, yet the most effective way of gathering Orb Enhancers. There have been some instances on YouTube, where the game offered them 1 Orb Enhancer from daily quest challenges.

However, in order to increase your Orb levels, you need to gather a large number of Orbs. This is because the price of the upgrade will keep on increasing by 20% after each upgrade.


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