Nintendo’s Upcoming Super Mario RPG has Leaked Online

Nintendo‘s upcoming title Super Mario RPG, the remake of 1980’s classic Mario, has leaked online and players have already begun playing on Switch and PC using Yuzu and Ryujinx. Leak mentions the game runs on Unreal Engine 5, and Nintendo Nintendo’s internal codename for the game is “Stella”.

OatMealDome, a data miner on X (formally Twitter), tweeted the potential information about Nintendo’s upcoming RPG. Other than X, the leak has taken social media on a storm. For convenience reasons, the links to the reports can’t be shared here.

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As the actual game is 30 years old, and released in 1983, the remake won’t hit without enhancements. On this statement, the Switch miner commented:

Based on the referred footage, the game seems to be running satisfactorily on Switch. However, some players have noticed audio issues. Players are playing the remake of Super Mario on PC using Switch PC Emulators.

To note, it is not the first time Nintendo Switch’s leaked. The footage of Hogwarts Legacy running on Nintendo Switch has already leaked. The official release of Super Mario RPG is set for 17th November, which might be a fully High-Dimensional remake.

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