Murder Mystery 2 Thanksgiving 2023 Update: Details + MM2 Codes

Thanksgiving Update is now live in Murder Mystery 2. Just upon the end of the Halloween event, the Thanksgiving 2023 event starts with its own challenge that lets you collect multiple items – Turkey Leg (Godly), Scarf Knife, Turkey Pie, and Pumpkin Pie.

Here is a guide on MM2 Thanksgiving on how to collect coins to claim unlockables along with Thanksgiving Codes to get free items during this time. Be sure to complete events as fast as possible before the Christmas Update comes in the next few weeks.

Murder Mystery 2 Thanksgiving Update

Murder Mystery 2
Murder Mystery 2

Between The Summer Event followed by Halloween, now is the time for Thanksgiving Challenges. Below is a list of major changes happening to the game once the update is live.

Thanksgiving 2023 Events

Turkey Knife
Turkey Knife
  • Pink & Yellow Leave showering from Sky
  • Godly Turkey
  • Dark Bundle of Pistols
  • Latte Pack
  • Free Items through Codes

Let’s understand coin requirements for each of the collectibles and ways to quickly farm coins to end all of your struggles.

Thanksgiving Items

Thanksgiving Items
Thanksgiving Items

This event includes three object purchases through coin while rest 3 can be purchased using Robux. Be sure to collect at least items that are easily accessible through coin tokens.

  • Scarf: College 700 coins
  • Pie: Requires 1,000 coins
  • Pumpkin Pie: Needs 2,800 coins

Above are free items while below is a list of paid objects which would require a mini transaction in order to claim.

  • Godly Turkey Knife: 3,699 Robux
  • 3 Pistols in Dark Bundle: 3,399 Robux
  • Pack: Latte – 399 Robux only

How to get coins in Thanksgiving 2023 Events

how to get coins
how to get coins

Players expected more than just coins to be collectibles and event tokens. At present, coins are distributed across all locations on the map which is an easy signal to collect rapidly.

To collect coins, locate yellow tokens which spawn at open and easy spots across all arenas. Simply pass and the character will collect coins, and be quick for more rewards.

To unlock weapons and gifts, lots of hours should be dictated for farming coins and thus should be too much priority at this period of time. Make yourself comfortable for Christmas events to happen in the month of December.

MM2 Thanksgiving Codes

Murder Mystery 2 Codes for Thanksgiving
Murder Mystery 2 Codes for Thanksgiving

Another relief for active players, is all new and working codes are now available for Thanksgiving which would not only let you claim tokens for free of cost but increase your resources count and be eligible for rare items of the game.

Below is a list of new codes that should be quickly redeemed before they expire or limited trials go off.

  • G003LY
  • COMB4T2
  • SK3TCH
  • ET3-MM2

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