Metria Guide: Tier List for Rerolls, Skills, Characters & Classes

Metria is the newest anime MMORPG game developed by Asobimo Inc., a company known for its action RPG games based on various themes. Form a team with 3 characters to defeat evil monsters to uncover the truth through the gameplay walkthrough.

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Here is a guide on how to play Metria along with a list of the best classes & characters and a Reroll tier list to enhance the tactical progression of the story.

Metria Guide

Metria Guide
Metria Guide

Being an RPG game, the storyline plays a major role which can be clearly seen from Metria Gameplay. This is one of the big-size games developed by Asobimo consisting of 1.6GB to 2GB of extra storage. Visuals and smooth UI experience are at their peak.

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Below is a guide on the Metria Tier List covering everything from Super Fast Gach Tier List to getting monster crystals as well as magic crystals.

Use tips and tricks to defeat boss battles and complete quests easily.

How to play the Metria game?

How to play Metria?
How to play Metria?

If a user has already played an RPG game, it is highly probable to know the basic theme of the game. Talking about Metria, the protagonist needs to form a team consisting of 3 characters in order to fight the boss.

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Metria includes bosses such as Boss of the Wood, and Dungeon of Reminiscence. It requires learning skills such as how to get monster crystals or obtain fuel. Battle System and Switching of characters is a highly useful mechanism added in the game.

Metria Tier List

Metria Tier List
Metria Tier List

Tier List for Metria is done by ranking the worth of strengths and weaknesses. Every weapon or health object is available to be grouped into its respective grade which helps players to choose wisely.

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Classes Tier List

Metria Class tier list
Metria Class tier list
  • Rio
  • Lucas
  • Cat Girl
  • Lunaria
  • Big Guy
  • Aru
  • Begius
  • Shash
  • Dino

Metria Reroll Tier List

Metria Tier List Rerolls
Metria Tier List Rerolls

Scrolls and Rerolls are important enhancements of each character. From learning Skills to unlocking swords, these play an important role. Below is the Skill tier list along with Rerolls in it.

  • Metria Scroll Tier List
  • Water Booster Scroll
  • Wind Booster Scroll
  • Remedy Scroll
  • Light Booster Scroll
  • Health Booster Scroll

Metria Element Tier List

Elements are abilities that are used by characters to enchant the effects of powerups. Each element has a unique and dedicated quality that helps class members during tough times.

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  • Water
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Fire
  • And more

Metria Skill Tier List

Skill Tier List in Metria
Skill Tier List in Metria

Metria Skills are unique move sets exhibited by everyone. Frontier Girl will have attacking skills while Begius will have defensive skills as well. The sword is the best weapon for it.

  • Normal Attack
  • Flashing Blade
  • Flame Sword
  • Full-form Strike
  • Lighting Strike

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