Loomian Legacy Halloween Event 2023: How to get Odoyaga + Codes

Loomian Legacy Halloween and Christmas Update is right here. After a series of sneak peeks, it was confirmed that the Haunted Village Halloween Event will be coming as Part 1. For this event, players can now have Odoyaga Loomian as well as Skeleton Akholas easily.

Here is a guide on getting Odoyaga which is the newest loomian with moderate abilities that are worth competing in combat battles. Get Loomian Legacy Codes at the end for free gifts.

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How to get Odoyaga in Loomian Legacy

Loomain Legacy Halloween 2023 Event
Loomain Legacy Halloween 2023 Event

As soon as the Haunted Village Halloween Event starts, it should be the player’s responsibility to start a journey to find ways to reach Odoyaga. This is a long journey with tough obstacles.

Below is a simple way that would take you toward Odoyaga in the fastest possible way.

  1. Go to Haunted Village
  2. Start a mini-game of Tricky Treat Exchange
  3. Head towards Haunted Gate and Bridge
  4. Meet Witch and complete the difference-spotting challenge
  5. Follow spirit until Odoyaga is found
  6. Defeat Odoyaga to capture and use it in later battles

Let’s understand each of these summarized steps in a detailed manner.

Enter Haunted Village

Haunted Village
Haunted Village

Open the Hub board from the navigation bar. Click on Haunted Village next to Main Adventures and other stuff. This will make you enter a new location where the mission is to be carried out.

Start Haunted Village Tricky Treat Exchange

Tricky Treat Exchange
Tricky Treat Exchange

Upon reaching, quickly enter a mini-game consisting of 8 members. There might be a possibility of AIs getting involved if the timer runs off before eight members are found.

Complete the challenge with the help of clues which are pretty easy if you have played this game before.

Meet Witch and find differences in the room game

Meet NPC
Meet NPC

Once the first task is executed, head towards the mansion located on the other side of the bridge. Cross bridge followed by Haunted Gate.

Enter the place and the NPC conversation starts with a short cut scene. Everything about making spells and spirits is revealed.

Spot differences between Room

Play new mini-game
Play new mini-game

This is the last game that a player needs to play in order to reach the final destination of Odoyaga. Try finding at least 3 major changes happening in each room via observation. Follow the arrows to enter the black portal where the mission starts.

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Follow Spirit towards Odoyaga

Defeat Odoyaga Loomian Legacy
Defeat Odoyaga Loomian Legacy

Now, it’s time to go and defeat Odoyaga once we know his exact location. Use the help of another Loomian in order to beat this boss as it is pretty strong.

Loomian Legacy Halloween Codes

As the event as started, there are not plenty of working codes available right now. We will update those codes here once they are updated or newly arrived.


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