Lies of P Will Be Getting Its First DLC Expansion

Ji Won Choi, the Director of Lies of P has confirmed the game will be receiving its first Downloadable Content (DLC) expansion. Content will include DLC previews, music releases, collaborations, costumes, balance patches, dodge adjustments, and much more, which are yet to be announced.

Lies of P“, released in September 2023 emerged as among the most successful soulslike game, selling over a million copies.

In a Director Letter’s video, Ji Won Choi has given players a glimpse of content they can expect in the near future. He also teased the DLC contents of the upcoming patch and confirmed the team is working on the DLC. While he couldn’t reveal much information, he shared some sneak peeks.

Lies of P DLC Sketch
Lies of P DLC Sketch looks splendid

The published sketch indeed looks alarming, but remains a mystery what actually represents. In the next sketch, P is shown on a broken ship. The release of date of DLC has been not revealed yet.

Lies of P DLC sketch 2
Lies of P DLC sketch 2 showcases P on a broken ship

Patch and A Sequel Coming

Another exciting announcement if the development of a sequel to Lies of P, which Ji Won Chi teased in the Direct Letter’s video.

The Lies of P patch is believed to introduce a Weapon Assemble System, allowing players to customize the weapons. The update will also lower the game’s difficulty level.

There’s so much I want to say, but first, I’d like to express my gratitue. Lies of P had surpassed 1 million copies in sales a few weeks ago, and this would not have been possible without the love and support from all of you.

– Ji Won Choi


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