Leak Claims That Fortnite Might Get Three New Game Modes

Fortnite has been once again in the spotlight with a recent decision to age-restrict content, which is heavily criticized by communities. The latest leak follows the trend, suggesting that the game is all set to introduce three new game modes: LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and Rocket Racing.

This leak comes from iFireMonkey, a well-known Fortnite content creator and leaker, who predicts that these modes are likely to go live in December.

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First up is the LEGO Fortnite mode, a collaboration speculated by BeastFNCreative between LEGO and Fortnite. The event is expected to be accessible on December 7. Leakers anticipate that this mode will support mechanisms like swimming, sprint fatigue, and re-designed emotes. Notably, the LEGO Gamemode is rated E 10+, aligning with family-friendly content.

Following closely is the Fortnite Festival mode, expected to go live on December 9. According to iFireMonkey’s insider report, this mode is anticipated to take on a Harmonix format, a rhythm game experience.

The final mode in this leak is Rocket Racing, rated E for everyone. This collaborative effort with Rocket League promises to bring racing activities into the Fortnite universe, offering players a thrilling new dimension.

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With these leaks surfacing, it seems Epic Games has plenty of content ready to roll out. The upcoming month is poised to be a breakthrough for Fortnite players, offering a refresh from their routine activities.

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