Kaiju Universe: How to get Eclipsis Mothman & Eclipse Caccoon Locations

Roblox Kaiju Universe is back with a quest that rewards players with Eclipsis Mothman once 3 measure tasks are completed. Users should note that Eclipsis Mothman Locations are extremely hard to find thus making players grind for this quest.

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Below is a guide on how to unlock Eclipsis Mothman in Kaiju Universe which is another powerful and new Kaiju that is worth unlocking.

How to get Eclipsis Mothman in Kaiju Universe

Kaiju Universe Eclipsis Mothman
Kaiju Universe Eclipsis Mothman

There are three main tasks that need to be executed in order to complete the quest and thus claim our new Kaiju with ease. Their task is as follows:

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  • Find and Destroy Eclipse Caccoon
  • Spend 2,00,000 G-cells
  • Use Mosura Kaiju to kill 50 units

Now, you know what this mission is all about but you have uncertainty in proceeding ahead. Use our tips and tricks to fast-forward and never get stuck at an easy job again.

Eclipse Caccoon Locations in Kaiju Universe

Eclipse Caccoon Locations in Kaiju Universe
Eclipse Caccoon Locations in Kaiju Universe

Eclipse Caccoon is a highly powerful villain that has an HP of 140k hitpoints. Don’t face him alone as this might be the toughest or last fight of your Kaiju. We recommend it.

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We recommend using Kaiju which can fly in order to find All Locations of Eclipse Caccoon where it usually spawns. At present, the chances of spawning are higher on isolated islands compared to mainland areas.

Kill more than 50 enemies using Mosura

Kaiju Universe Mosura
Kaiju Universe Mosura

Mosura is not the best Kaiju to equip and begin but moderate-level stats are enough to destroy half of a hundred units. This might be fun for players who love clashing and violence in the game.

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Find a way for 200k G-cells

G-cells Kaiju Universe
G-cells Kaiju Universe

At last, find upgrades or unlockables with a total cost of more than two lakh or more G-cells. Once this task is completed, the player can have access to a quest reward which is ultimately a new Kaiju called Eclipsis Mothman.

Enter the arena and try out Eclipsis Mothman to try out its best moves and vanish each wave with no mercy to them.


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