GTA 6 Rumor Suggests Female Protagonist Will Have a Child

With the approaching of Grand Theft Auto 6‘s release date, a wave of rumors and leaks has surfaced. A recent rumor concerning GTA 6 suggests that Lucia, the game’s first-ever female protagonist, will have a child in the storyline — a child that she allegedly abandons.

Over the past year, Grand Theft Auto 6 has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumors, ranging from the game being a spin-off from the main series to the inclusion of a cooperative mode to GTA 6. Notably, one leak hints at the game featuring two protagonists named Jason and Lucia, with considerable anticipation surrounding Lucia’s character development as the first female lead in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Building on these speculations, another leak from Rockstar Universe claims that Lucia will have a child, whose gender remains unspecified and is likely to make appearances only in cutscenes.

GTA 6 Lucia and Her Actress
GTA 6 Lucia and Her Actress (Image via IGN)

Insider information indicates that this event is likely to be a flashback, and the abandoned child, now grown up, will play a role in the game’s narrative set in 2024. While the GTA series has rarely featured children, it’s presumed that the child’s age will be advanced for the storyline.

Even if the claim is true, the small tweak of Lucia’s abandoned child may go unnoticed in the upcoming December 2023 trailer.

However, Rockstar Universe clarified their position and expressed that their intention was to present the information as potential rather than absolute claims.

As rightly said by Rockstar Universe, the information should not be taken too seriously as they are based on pure speculation.

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