Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Teases Cooperative Mode Feature

The GTA series is traditionally a story mode, mainly focusing on single-player campaigns. However, recent leaks show that Grand Theft Auto 6 may feature Cooperative mode gameplay between two GTA players.

The leak comes after Tobbelobben, a Reddit user, showed a Player Action Manager, that featured a variety of actions known to players. Some of these are Crouch, Prone, Melee Attack, and Surrender. Interestingly, the leaked video shows two options that suspect Cooperative mode.

The options are Downed Self Revive and Downed Self Suicide, which implies the possibility of more players on the map. However, there is another prospect that Jason or Lucia are on a mission and the next guy is an NPC.

The theory of this NPC is challenged by the statement of Tobbelobben who says the movement of her don’t resemble AI behaviour.

What further strengthens my belief in the possibility of co-op gameplay in GTA 6 are other leaked clips, such as the one featuring Jason walking in the nightclub. It appears that Lucia might be controlled by another Rockstar employee, potentially testing the co-op functionality, as her movement doesn’t quite resemble AI behavior.

The GTA 6 Leaks Suggest Potential Co-op Gameplay
byu/Tobbelobben30 inGTA6

Furthermore, the introduction of the Co-op mode makes sense after the remarkable popularity of GTA Online. However, the estimates are based on mere rumors. The actual development will only be after its official release.

Rockstar Games confirmed the development of GTA 6 back in February 2022, and the recent announcement of the GTA 6 trailer, released in December has taken the internet by storm. The tweet mentioning this announcement garnered 1.3M likes and 127M views, within 12 hours. It’s now the most-liked gaming post.

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