Death Ball 1.6 Update: New Codes + How to get Kojo

Death Ball Kojo Update is here. This is an actual 1.3 Update titled Kojo which brings Kojo who is the new champion of the game. Spirit Pack makes its way along with Boss Battle where players need to defeat cursed spirits in raids.

Here is a guide on Death Ball 1.3 Update of Kojo and ways to get Kojo and finally Kojo Codes to make event challenges more fun helping you to grab free items from the game.

Updated on 19th December, by Jay Kakade: Recently, Death Ball released its 1.6 update aka Clans update, enabling players to get 1 free Xmas Pack and 1 free Triple Luck. The Xmas Pack includes 3 Mythical, 3 Godly, and 3 Legendary items. Moreover, the new option of Clans has been added, where players can either create their own clan or join another’s clan.

Death Ball Kojo Update

Death Ball 1.3 Update
Death Ball 1.3 Update

In this update, players have the opportunity to get character by defeating cursed spirit which is ultimately the boss of the latest live event. Below are features of Kojo that would make you greedy to grind for it.

Spirit Pack, Spirit Wall, Leap Strike, Chain Spear, and Handgun are prominent specifications of this update.

How to get Kojo in Death Ball

How to get Kojo Dealth Ball
How to get Kojo Death Ball

Being a newly released champion, Kojo is hard to unlock by doing simple and one simple task. Players should grind hours to collect opportunities that reward Kojo by lucky means. Here is an easy way to claim the game.

  1. Open/Update Death Ball
  2. Follow the red lines to go toward the event
  3. Start Boss Battle in the live event (ongoing)
  4. Cursed Spirit spawns every 10 mins
  5. Defeat the boss with various swords and skills
  6. +1 Spirit Pack is rewarded each time
  7. If lucky, the player may get Kojo skin from this pack
  8. Enter raids multiple times to get Kojo easily.

Now let’s have a look at Update 1.3 Codes which may let you have Kojo for free sometimes

Death Ball Codes

Death Ball Kojo Codes
Death Ball Kojo Codes

The newest update features many elite bosses which ultimately unlock more abilities and upgradeable items. To make this process easier, here are new codes for Kojo which would surely help you.

Death Ball New Codes

  • xmas
  • 100mil

Death Ball Previous Codes

  • Spirit – gives 2,500 instant gems
  • Foxuro – more gems
  • Kameki – gives up to 1,500 gems

These are codes available right now. As time passes, more codes will be available to redeem, and be sure to be quick as codes expire very soon.


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