Dead by Daylight Adds Child’s Play’s Chucky As a New Killer

The chapter 30 update of Dead by Daylight has introduced survivors with a new killer; Chucky, who will be available on November 28. Chucky, a serial killer turned into a doll, is the main antagonist of Child’s Play.

Behavior Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight, has confirmed the original voice actor of Chucky will reprise the role.

Players can further customize the new Killer with the Good Gal outfit, inspired by Tiffany Valentine (aka the Bride of Chucky), which is voiced by Jennifer Tilly.

Dead by Daylight Teased Chucky

Dead by Daylight Chucky

On 7th November 2023, Dead by Daylight tweeted a pic of weapons, with a note that everything will be revealed on November 8.

The above pic shows a set of weapons, showcasing a trickster, a clown, and a missing weapon. You can spot the area from where the weapon went missing. In contrast to other knives, the missing one looks a little different.

The theory was put forth by TheKing YouTube channel, where he theorized the stool was used to climb and snatch the weapon. And as the Chucky is a smaller doll, he might have been the suspect. Furthermore, the same spot from the movie is recreated in animated format.

Today, IGN revealed the next serial killer in Dead by Daylight, Chucky. You can watch the trailer here.

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