COC Clan Games November 2023: Rewards & Tier List

Clash of Clans is heading towards its biggest update of the Town Hall 16 release. But before that, Clan Games of November 2023 will arrive to reward with magical items and resources as usual. Here is a reward list of items that can be collected upon competing events along with bonus rewards.

COC November Clan Games lasts from 22 to 28 Nov making it time-limited to complete 50,000 points by teamwork.

COC Clan Games November 2023

Clan Games Reward List
Clan Games Reward List

This season was fun with unique skins for each hero and for the home village. Lots of new events took place attracting easy claims based on town hall level. Now is the time for the November Clan Games to take place which unites the whole clan to farm clan points.

Reward Tier 1 – 3,000 points

  • 30% dark elixir
  • 20 Gems
  • 1 Clock Tower Potion

Reward Tier 2 – 7,500 points

  • 40% Elixir
  • 1 Shovel of Obstacles
  • 1 Training Potion

Reward Tier 3 – 12,000 points

  • 4 Wall Rings
  • 2 Power Potions
  • 40 Gems

Reward Tier 4 – 18,000 points

  • 70% Dark Elixir
  • 1 Hero Potion
  • 1 Builder Potion

Reward Tier 5 – 30,000

  • 90% Gold
  • 8 Wall Rings
  • 2 Research Potions

Reward Tier 6 – 50,000 points

  • Book of Fighting
  • Rune of Elixir
  • 100 Gems

Below is a tier list for rewards that are available in each column. Be sure to collect the most valuable and worthy item as skipping time should be the focus instead of loot.

Once a player completes 4,000 clan points during the Special event, the user can collect bonus rewards from any remaining items. Based on expert suggestions, always claim from the last or second last tier list which consists of valuable gifts.

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