Blox Fruits: How to Get Bones in Ghost Event Halloween 2023

Roblox Blox Fruits Halloween 2023 Update brings a Ghost Event that introduces plenty of new things to the game. It includes Bones as the new currency, the quest to find Locations of Cursed Chest, and Defeating Death King Spawn.

Blox Fruits Ghost Event has set Ses Events to complete a quest on Haunted Shipwreck in order to get Ghost Fruit as fast as possible. Every mission rewards with BONES which are essential to claim rare rewards.

Blox Fruits Update 21
Blox Fruits Update 21

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Here is a guide on Blox Fruits Bones as they are important tokens allowing you to get scrolls, fruits, and almost everything that the player wishes.

How to get Bones in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits Bones
Blox Fruits Bones

We already know the importance of Bones upon bringing this new currency. At present, players are unaware of ways to collect them rapidly through easy tactics.

Also, act quickly as these are limited-time events brought to reward users abundantly.

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There are 2 main ways to get Bones in Blox Fruits which require slight grinding to get them.

Get Bones from Cursed Chest

How to get Cursed Chest Locations in Blox Fruits
How to get Cursed Chest Locations in Blox Fruits

In the Ghost Halloween 2023 Event, multiple quests have been included such as defeating 5 bandits or collecting all Cursed Chest. Cursed Chests are basically dark glowing boxes resembling exactly the silver chest of the game.

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Currently, Blox Fruits Cursed Chest spawns randomly across each map. Thus, it might be a confusing and hard job to detect its spawn location and collect quickly.

Once, Cursed Chest Locations have been found, breaking instantly rewards with 25 to 30 bones. While some more are dropped from enemies that spawn to safeguard this chest. Overall, 40+ bones can be collected with ease.

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Best way to farm Bones Blox Fruits
Best way to farm Bones Blox Fruits

The best trick is to fly or explore maps at a faster rate and focus on corners or congested positions that have high chances of dropping Cursed Chest.

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Below is another way that rewards with more quantity of bones than this method but the player needs to grind that hard as well.

Complete Sea Events to get Bones

Blox Fruits Seas Events to get Bones
Blox Fruits Seas Events to get Bones

Haunted Shipwreck is the latest ship that can be collected from Sea Events. Along with this, Sea Events are one of the major ways to get tonnes of Bones. It might be frustrating to find a server with Sea Events happening but the reward is worth the wait.

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Once a user completes Sea Event Quest, hundreds of Bones are claimed. Use these bones to unlock rare and mythic items in the game.

Claim Bones through Ghost Events

Ghost Events Blox Fruits
Ghost Events Blox Fruits

Additional Ghost Events consist of finding a way to unlock Blox Fruits Ghost Fruit which has its superpowers as well.

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Participate in giveaways that Youtubers and Twitch streamers do which is a handy way to get free Robux along with Bones too.

Overall, it’s an easy job to hunt for bones if the player has been spending plenty of good time in Blox Fruits. As a reminder, keep enjoying gameplay along with every upcoming update.

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