Binance: All Themed Gift Cards & Token Gift Cards in 2024

Binance is not just limited to Cryptocurrency Exchange or Spot Trading but is a wallet that helps connect people around the world. It helps to make crypto transactions more easier and trustworthy for everyone.

Sending gift cards and tokens to friends and family is possible in the balance. The Binance Gift Card section allows users to transfer credits via various themes based on occasion and moment.

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Binance Gift Cards in 2024

All Gift Cards in Binance
All Gift Cards in Binance

Sending gifts can be done via two methods. Simply select Themed Gift Cards or Token Gift Cards which contain money in the form of crypto coins. To enhance the experience, visuals, and UI have been added.

Binance Themed Gift Card in 2024

Themed Gift Cards 2024
Themed Gift Cards 2024

Every upcoming festival and occasion can be casually celebrated in Binance via themes introduced for that special moment. Below is a list of themes available right now to use.

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Special Collection

  • Celebrate A New Addition
  •  Celebrate A New Arrival

Popular Gift Cards

  • #HODL
  • To The Moon
  • Binance Classic
  • Team ETH
  • Team BNH

Greeting Card

  • Wish You Whale
  • Prosperity
  • Happy Birthday! (3 variations)
  • Congratulations (3 variations)
  • Thank You

GIFt Card

  • Doge
  • Crypto For All
  • Gift Card

For Someone Special

  • A Love Story
  • For That Friend
  • Market Timer
  • #HODL

To The Moon

  • Stay Bullish
  • Team BTC
  • Team BNB
  • Team ETH

Apart from this, Pizza Day Collection Mother’s Day Collection and a lot more themes are available. We can expect Halloween or Happy New Year Gift Cards as well in the future.

Binance Token Gift Cards in 2024

Token Gift Cards 2024
Token Gift Cards 2024

Unlike themed cards, token Gift cards allow users to send an amount in the form of tokens of various currencies. Each option has a certain minimum threshold that can be sent to the receiver in order to carry out transactions.

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  • USDT Gift Card
  • BNB Gift Card
  • ETH Gift Card
  • BTC Gift Card
  • SHIB Gift Card
  • Doge Gift Card

A variety of streams helps diversify the audience thus supporting gift card distribution on the Binance platform.

How to Send Gift Card in Binance 2024

How to send gift cards binance 2024
How to send gift cards binance 2024

The user needs to complete the KYB procedure in order to be eligible to send gift cards to friends and family. Follow the below steps to transfer funds via gift cards securely.

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  1. Open Binance app
  2. Go to user profile settings
  3. Choose the ‘Gift Card’ section from the menu
  4. Switch to Themed or Token Gift Cards
  5. Enter the user ID of the receiver and the amount to be sent
  6. Securely make a transaction via Gift Card


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