Bedwars Season 9 Update: Details, Kits + Codes

Roblox Bedwars Season 9 is fabulous with the arrival of new bosses, kits, nerfs, and buffs to adjust the gameplay experience. Just upon the release, players are surprised and happy with the latest additions. At last, get Codes to redeem some rare items with Season 9 Pass.

Here is a guide on Bedwars Update of Season 9 along with patch notes and logs which are essential to take a look at.

Bedwars Season 9

Bedwars Update Season 9
Bedwars Update Season 9

It has been a long time since season 8 when no major changes were made. To break this streak, following up Christmas events, an update for season 9 took place. Below is a summary of the list of points.

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  • 4 New Kits
  • Monarch – New Boss
  • Golden Goose & Golden Eggs
  • Titan Boss Spawns
  • Diamond Capture Points
  • Era System
  • Bed Plating
  • Removed: Forge, Dagger, Gauntlet etc
  • Maps Updated
  • Balance Changes

Let’s understand each of these mechanics in detail. Also, see how impactful changes would be reflected in the future.

Monarch Boss

New Boss is introduced which spawns at least 2 times before Titan Boss makes its entry. It’s the best time to claim mystery rewards by defeating Monarch in the Pet Simulator 99. The player gets Golden Goose as the ultimate reward for killing this boss

Golden Goose

Golden Goose
Golden Goose

Golden Goose is a new feature which on equipping increases +1% damage for the whole clan members. Also, Golden Eggs are pretty rare, and valuables tokens in Bedwars

Raid your enemy base to steal Golden Goose and get Golden Eggs in good amount helping you progress faster. New events-based seas battlegrounds Roblox on these will be coming soon.

Diamond Capture Points

From now onwards, diamond armor and its accessories have been removed. But there are certain spots fixed which on capturing helps the group to get a steady supply of diamonds.

Era System

Players can use these collected diamonds to unlock Era Team Upgrades. As Era is pushed to a higher rank, exclusive rewards such as enchanted tables, and enchantments are made available.

Reach Enlightened Era to double all rewards as well as get double damage and destruction for a particular season.

Bed Plating

Users can see a new layer of energy on the bed. This is Bet plating acting as a second life in tough times. Upon breaking the bed, dark and powerful energy forms shields and guards for temporary while permanent energy boost can also be achieved.

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Season 9 Battle Pass

Bedwars S9 Battle Pass
Bedwars S9 Battle Pass

There are a total of 50 tiers in the battle pass for season 9. Of these, players can have a chance to get all 4 kits which unlock next-level skills for the character. We recommend prioritizing the pass as a reward as it is never ending at this time.

Upgradation to Maps

Gameplay changes were made to the following map in order to make them consistent with squads and duos mode.

  • Blossom
  • Seasonal
  • Darkholm
  • Sand Shrine

Season 9 Kits

Bedwars New Kit
Bedwars New Kit

Kits have been an important factor in deciding the strength and look of the protagonist. Surprisingly, 4 kits are paid and free as well.

  • Yamini
  • Cogsworth
  • Terra
  • Noelle

Bedwars Season 9 Codes

Bedwars Codes not only allow redemption of gifts at no cost to users to build strong connections with the audience with its content creator group. We will let you update with codes once they are available as fast as possible.


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