Anime Champions Simulator Thanksgiving Codes (ACS Codes)

Anime Champions Simulator to bring Update 9 with lots of new stuff getting added. Before this update shoots off, we have Thanksgiving 2023 Update which is special for collecting coins and resources through the events.

Players can get Godly Cosmic and Sword bundles with the help of Thanksgiving Codes made available by creators to help their audience get gifts in abundant quantities.

Anime Champions Simulator Thanksgiving Codes

Anime Champions Update 9
Anime Champions Update 9

It’s time for Christmas and Thanksgiving is a special day for everyone. To make it even more meaningful, we brought working codes that would allow us to get Cosmic units easily. Lucky users will get Mythic Skins as well but that’s very rare.


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Anime Champions Thanksgiving Codes

Anime Champions Code for Thanksgiving
Anime Champions Code for Thanksgiving
  • TurkeyDay
  • EightLegs
  • ExtraDaily
  • Scrappy
  • TurnDown4What
  • ACSFoodEvent
  • Tournaments

These codes will let users claim Cursed Hunter Cosmic along with Turkey Skin. Being Cosmic Code, Some help for Auto Raid Farm while Tier List of Ascension 2 and Ascension 3 is possible.

Thanksgiving Update
Thanksgiving Update

Once the Halloween Update ends, the game enters into the Winter/Christmas Update where Update 9 is crucial in developing the structure of the game.


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