Age of Empires IV: The Sultans Ascend Expansion coming from November 14th

Age of Empires 4 plans to expand and add new civilization from November 14th onwards. This AoE 4 Anniversary Edition includes The Sultan Ascend Expansion will be soon available on Steam, PC, Xbox, and Microsoft Store.

In this Update, major additions have been included such as new civilizations, maps, variant civilizations, biomes, and unlockables. Have a look at these changes as this is everything that you need to know.

Age of Empires 4 Expansion likely from November 14 onwards

AoE4 New Civilizations
AoE4 New Civilizations

This addition is a game changer as the content brought was most awaited along with suspense due to regular sneak peeks of the latest update. Below is a list of things that will make their way to the game in the upcoming time.

Two New Civilizations

As we know, there has always been the introduction of new civilizations with new updates and now is the time to be busy with brand new two civilizations – The Japanese and The Byzantines.

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The Japanese Civilization

The Japanese reveal the culture and glory of the Japanese through gameplay. Mining Bonus is exclusively available here along with battles with swords, katanas, and true samurais.

The Byzantines Civilization

The Byzantines included new resources – harvest olives along with Field Stones Bonus making it suitable to explore. Construction seems to be special recognition such as Wall Towers and Outposts.

4 New Variant Civilizations

Age of Empires 4 brings Varient Civilizations
Age of Empires 4 brings Varient Civilizations

Apart from civilizations, there have been modifications to earlier ones in order to make it more realistic, and optimistic and bring the best of it called Variant Civilizations.

  • Ayyubids
  • Order of the Dragon
  • Zhu Xi’s Legacy
  • Jeanne d’Arc

Expansion includes 10 new maps as well

New maps in Age of Empires 4
New maps in Age of Empires 4

Developers are trying to make Age of Empires 4 larger by enriching existing maps with 10 more. Each map is a small world to explore in itself.

  • African Waters
  • Cliffside
  • Forts
  • Golden Pit
  • Glade
  • Hidden Valley
  • Haywire
  • Thickets
  • Himeyama
  • Turtle Ridge

Lastly, the biome consists of Savanna and Japanese Spring along with campaigns and achievements available to unlock. More details on Official AoE IV Expansion news on The Sultans Ascend.


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