Roblox Peroxide: All Wungus Spawn Locations

Roblox Peroxide developers have released the latest Halloween update, bringing plenty of quests and challenges to work on. Among those challenging tasks, gathering Wungus Mushrooms is the most daunting task.

Actually, it’s not that a big deal to secure thousands of them in a few hours unless you know the proper locations. To that extent, this guide will go through the locations of Wungus Mushrooms in the Roblox Peroxide game.

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All Wungus Spawn Locations in Roblox Peroxide

There are some specific areas where the Wungus grow in plenty. However, these Wungus Mushrooms have been seen to be grown in random locations. So be sure to keep an eye on the way while heading. 

Location 1: Graveyard

Roblox Peroxide Wungus Location
First Location of Wungus in Peroxide (Image via BuilderBoy)

Go to the Graveyard in Peroxide, keep searching the site, and you will easily get 10-15 Wungus here. Make sure to check the surrounding areas as well. There are instances in which the Wungus have spawned on those red structures there. Press E to claim them.

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Location 2: Cave

Roblox Peroxide Wungus Location Cave
Second Location of Wungus in Peroxide – Cave (Image via BuilderBoy)

The cave is a big area to hunt for these Mushrooms. There are plenty of Wungus here randomly spawned, just try to cover each and every corner of this Cave. Players can get to the top of the cliff as well.

Location 3: Park

Roblox Peroxide Park
Third Location of Wungus in Peroxide – Park (Image via BuilderBoy)

The Park is adjacent to the main road in the game, get yourself here and start getting Wungus. Park may look similar to the Graveyard’s surroundings, roam over all these spots to convey Wungus.

Location 4: Karakura Hospital

Roblox Karakura Hospital Location
Fourth Location – Karakura Hospital (Image via BuilderBoy)

This is the secret location, which most of you might not be familiar with. This location alone will satisfy your hunger for Wungus. Look into the rooms of Karakura Hospital, meanwhile, its roof boasts a plethora of Wungus as well.

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By following these locations, you can easily obtain Wungus Patches in the Roblox Peroxide game.

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