Roblox Brookhaven: All 25 Candy Corn Locations in Halloween Event 2023

Roblox Halloween Update is now available to every game. With the Roblox Brookhaven Halloween 2023 Update, a new quest has been introduced allowing users to find Candy Corn that is hidden at various locations on the map.

There are a total of 25 candy corns that the player needs to find by exploring almost all mysterious locations while it’s fun and frustrating at the same time to find them all easily.

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Candy Corn Halloween Update 2023 in Roblox Brookhaven

Candy Corn Hunt Halloween 2023
Candy Corn Hunt Halloween 2023

Here is a guide on All 25 Candy Corn Locations in Brookhaven to help our viewers complete this mission as soon as possible. Also, the same mission can be carried out in various modes.

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Candy Corn Brookhaven in Halloween Event 2023

  • Easy Mode
  • Medium Mode
  • Hard Mode
  • Extreme Mode
  • Insane Mode

All 25 Candy Corn Locations in Roblox Brookhaven

Roblox Brookhaven Candy Corn Hunt
Roblox Brookhaven Candy Corn Hunt

Below is detailed information about each and every location on the map that will allow users to navigate properly to reach the final destination and claim corn candy easily.

Corn Candy Location 1

First Candy Corn is located on the stairs of a white underground room near the swimming pool. Simply go to the entrance sign and collect our first token.

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Corn Candy Location 2

Exit the underground area and head towards the fountain. Beside lies a pool with a water slide. You can see a resting chair, go and jump on it to collect a second candy corn.

Candy Corn Location 3:

Once you make a jump from the chair, most players can observe the next candy spawning midway down the water slide. Just climb the steps and collect the next candy while enjoying the beautiful ride.

Candy Corn Location 4:

Visit the Candy Corn Hunt billboard near the building stating Happy Halloween 2023. Keep trying to reach on top of the board and climb the tree to get one more token.

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Location 5:

Walk over a nearby building containing a Halloween statue. Players can see another corn on top of a basketball hoop. Claim that one too.

Location 6:

Use roads using vehicles to locate Brookhaven Bank which has a black pumpkin statue. Walk inside the balcony and get the next corn easily.

Location 7:

Seek Brookhaven Shelter which is on the second floor of the Rockstar building. At the doors of the shelter is the next candy corn for you.

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Location 8:

This is one of the easiest spots to find candy. Move straight forward from the previous location to reach the Subway. At the starting point of the stairs is one more corn.

Location 9:

Now, move away from the main city to reach Brookhaven Airport destination. Crawl behind airport sign where lies our hidden Halloween candy

Location 10:

Enter the airport checking area. Explore to find coke vending machines through expensive hotels and luxury brands. Claim as soon as possible.

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Location 11:

The player now needs to get on the backside of the Motel building where another candy is likely to be spawned in existing airport land.

Location 12:

This candy corn location is on top of a grocery store. Keep searching for greenish-blue coloured buildings to claim candy tokens. Use ladders to climb to the top and bottom of the palace.

Location 13:

Beside this grocery shop is Rotten Robbie Board which provides car wash services. Enter the room and get that fast.

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Location 14:

Head towards Brookhaven Church where small and hidden candy corn has been spawned on either the left or right corner of the building.

Location 15:

Jump into depths and use your searching abilities to find another token for free.

Location 16:

Visit the Town Hall of Brookhaven map. On the middle right side lies another spawned candy waiting to get claimed.

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Location 17:

Brookhaven Hospital has an emergency ward, just outside of this spot is one more candy corn for Halloween.

Location 18:

Near the hospital lies a beautiful structured School. On the entrance gate of the school is a token which is easy to collect as no doors or obstructions are present

Location 19:

Use a car or fly high in the sky to reach the Car Wash center again where candy is present away from the garage but near a mysterious tunnel cave.

Location 20:

Ready to drive towards the Fire Station that is side by side to Town Hall. Simply navigate towards free space between both structures and claim value.

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Location 21:

Keep checking inside the Subway or on the roof of the Subway Station. Chances are high that corn is available there

Location 22:

Now, the graveyard is the only remaining location that hasn’t been checked for candy. Take steps wisely and enter one of the open graves to get another precious candy corn

Location 23:

Visit the school again, it is pretty hard to climb on the roof of the building as no proper route has been designed.

Location 24:

Visit the hospital again for the last time. Claim it through the door which is vast and between windows with clear glasses allowing you to see through them.

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Location 25:

It is the last location that users can plan to collect in order to unlock a vehicle which is rewarded on completion of this question. Walk a few steps ahead to find the last candy.

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