Roblox Blade Ball: How to get Pumpkins in Halloween Event 2023

Roblox Blade Ball introduces Pumpkins in its latest and most awaited Halloween 2023 Update. Upon the release, players struggled to collect pumpkins and had a hard time progressing through this new Halloween Event.

Here is a guide on how to get pumpkins in Blade Ball along with various tactics allowing users to collect tonnes of pumpkin tokens easily. Use our tips and tricks to increase your rate and enjoy the premium Reward.

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How to get Pumpkins in Blade Ball

How to get pumpkins in Blade Ball during Halloween 2023 Event
How to get pumpkins in Blade Ball during Halloween 2023 Event

Collection of Pumpkins at present should be the main priority of users as they are limited-time offers and rewards with gifts that are exclusive.

Here are some of the finest ways to help players find solutions to this easy problem.

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Pumpkins from Daily Login

Pumpkins from Currency Shop
Pumpkins from Currency Shop

Most Roblox games have Log-in bonuses that keep the gaming community active and connected to developers for a long time. Roblox Blade Ball has modified daily rewards with additions of pumpkins that will be distributed free of cost on a daily basis.

If you don’t know how to proceed and get a few amounts of tokens for free, use the following steps to accomplish them.

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How to claim Daily Login Rewards in Blade Ball

Halloween Spin in Blade Ball
Halloween Spin in Blade Ball
  1. Open Blade Ball game on Roblox
  2. Click on Daily Rewards from the buttons present on the right side
  3. The card pops up showing the reward tier list of 14 days
  4. Log in every day and keep on collecting pumpkins for a series of two weeks
  5. Each upcoming level has a higher amount of tokens

This step is one of easiest to follow and there is no actual work required in order to get pumpkins while timing plays an important role here.

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Pumpkins through Quests

Pumpkins by completing quests in Blade Ball
Pumpkins by completing quests in Blade Ball

Quests are the most important source of pumpkins as it consists of daily challenges and season challenges giving pumpkins on a daily and monthly basis. The player who actively wants to grind for tokens should definitely focus on Blade Ball quests.

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How to play quests in Blade Ball

Season CHallenges Blade Ball
Season CHallenges Blade Ball
  1. Tap on the Quests button from the Blade Ball home screen
  2. The player can see daily challenges lasting for 24 hours
  3. While Season Challenges last for a whole month
  4. Complete theme based on their priorities basis to get pumpkins as collectibles
  5. Use this currency to get swords and skins as well

Daily Challenge refreshes every day which are easy to complete but indeed results in a lower quantity of coins. Unlike it, Season Challenge is pretty important as it contains a 40-tier list that has pumpkins present along the path.

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Pumpkins through Season Pass

Blade Ball Season Pass Halloween Update
Blade Ball Season Pass Halloween Update

Blade Ball Season Pass allows users to progress easily by skipping intermediate steps that no pass user has to go through. If a player can afford the season pass of S1: Rise to War, they should definitely go for it.

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Use the below steps to claim a season pass at an affordable and cheap price which is at a discounted price during the Halloween Hunt Event.

How to get a Season Pass in Blade Ball

  1. Open Blade Ball Store through the menu button
  2. Users can see a Season Pass for only 799 Robux
  3. The actual price is 5000 Robux but lowered to a special price during this period of time
  4. Lots of gifts will be accessible along with extra benefits in almost all cases

Major benefits include 1,500 coins added to the wallet along with a +1 spin and 10 more tiers unlocked. Also, Team Assembly is ready while the rarest sword – the Haunted Harvester Sword is waiting for you.

Pumpkins through Team Assembly

Team Assembly Blade Ball
Team Assembly Blade Ball

Blade Ball allows gamers to team up and fight for the betterment of each other. Team Assembly is a feature where players can squad up together to compete in matches and get rewards for it.

Below are clear instructions on how to use team assembly in blade ball easily.

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How to Participate in Team Assembly in Blade Ball

Blade Ball New Event
Blade Ball New Event
  1. Tap on the Team button through the home screen of Blade Ball
  2. Invite an additional 3 members to the team assembly
  3. Form team to get 150 pumpkins
  4. Play a match together to get 100 more pumpkins
  5. Now, keep on repeating these steps every week to get 1.5x rewards

These are all possible ways to get pumpkins in the game. Use Halloween Spin as well which is basic and ready to give some extra coins.


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