Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Pieta’s Sword?

The most fascinating specialty of the Action Role Playing Games (RPG) is the inclusion of mighty weapons. And Lords of the Fallen is no exception to that. Players can get their hands on some of the most potent boss-level weapons and wield them.

Among those blades, Pieta’s Sword is the most remarkable one. Usually, when you beat a Boss, it drops items called Remembrance. However, in most cases, Boss might not spawn these articles.

It might be confusing and daunting to obtain formidable boss weapons in the game. This Lords of the Fallen guide will go through the procedures to get Pieta’s Sword (Boss Weapon) in Lords of the Fallen.

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How to Get Pieta’s Sword in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen Spot

As Pieta is a boss in Lords of the Fallen, defeating her is not enough to get her Sword. You will have to proceed in a prerequisite way to convey the blade. Now, get yourself in the location of Peita, as showcased in the above image.

The glittering object is the Vestige of Blind Agatha, take a right turn in the tunnel, and keep on proceeding ahead. On your way, you might conflict with the number of enemies. In most cases, ignoring them will work.

When you reach the ground, you will spot a location full of statues. Use your ability of the statues, and items will spawn. Enemies will keep on attacking you, finish them, and continue with the formal procedure.

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Go to Molhu

Pieta Sword in Lords of the Fallen

Once you have enough Remembrances, go back to the Sky Rest and summon the Molhu. Select the Offer Remembrance option from the list, and give it the Bowl of Remembrance.

From the list of items, you can claim a Sword, Armor, Sleeve, and much more. It is up to your discretion to obtain specific items, that suit you best.


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