How to Stream on YouTube from PS4 and PS5?

PlayStation 5, developed by Sony Interactive, is a video game console that allows you to seamlessly surface through dynamic 4K video games. Most of the popular games like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Final Fantasy, and Elden Rings are available on PlayStation 5.

Apart from merely playing it on PS5, users can easily stream their gameplay on YouTube. Here is the complete guide to Streaming on YouTube from PlayStation 5.

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How to Live Stream from PlayStation 5 to YouTube?

PlayStation 5

Please note that the procedures to stream from PlayStation 5 are the same as for PlayStation 4.

  1. Open PlayStation and Click on Settings, located at the top right corner
  2. Search for Users and Account and tap on it.
  3. Click on Linked Services
  4. Now, link your YouTube account on which you intend to stream.

How to Link a YouTube account to PlayStation 5?

Once you follow the given steps, click on YouTube and click on Link Your Account. A pop-up menu will appear asking for your email and password. Fill out the form with the esteemed YouTube account credentials.

PlayStation will ask for permission to stream. Likewise; Permission to manage your YouTube videos, permission to view your assets, and more. Just click on Allow.

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How to Start Streaming?

ps5 controller

After successfully linking of YouTube account, go back to the homepage by pressing ‘O’ from the Action Buttons. Now, open the desired game that you would like to go live with.

PS5 Capture Button

After opening the game, on the PS5 controller, press the capture button on the left, as shown in the above image. The share panel will appear, and now click on the Broadcast option, adjacent to the Screen Sharing option. Now, click on the YouTube option from the menu.

Fill in the mandatory details like; title, description, tags, etc before going live. Make sure to choose privacy settings to Public, so that the stream will be accessible to all. In case you have your camera, and you would like to do face cam, then go to the three dots, and select the desired options that fit best for you.

Once you are done, click on Go Live to start the stream.

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