How To Get To 2nd Sea in Haze Piece?

Just like the original One Piece anime, Roblox Haze Piece demonstrates a 2nd sea. Going to the 2nd will open access to many other features of the game, including Zoro’s Three Sword Style, other road poneglyph, and much more. Going to the 2nd is not a big feat, just follow this guide.

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Haze Piece: How To Go To 2nd Sea?

Dimensional Sailor in Haze Piece
Dimensional Sailor in Haze Piece (Image via Nikkolapz)

Before getting started, make sure you have reached the level 2200. This is the minimum threshold to satisfy, to surf the 2nd sea. After reaching the desired level, you have to complete a quest.

The Quest can be initiated on Starter Island, at Dimensional Sailor NPC. He will ask you to get him a copy of Road Poneglyph. After completing this challenge, the pirate will take you to Sea 2.


Howdie Matie! I have come to these seas in search of road Poneglyph. Get me a copy of it and I’ll take ‘ya on my journey to the second sea.

– Haze Piece NPC, Dimensional Sailor


Haze Piece: Road Poneglyph Location

Road Poneglyph Location in Haze Piece

In One Piece, Road Poneglyph contains a message for the hidden place. Decoding all four Poneglyphs, will reveal the locations of four spots, and by intersecting all of them will give the location of One Piece. Just like this, the Haze Piece game might share the same genre.

The location of Road Poneglyph is in one of the towers as shown in the above image. One of the towers will hold Road Poneglyph. Interact with the Road Poneglyph by clicking E, and you will get a copy of the Poneglyph.

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Go back to the NPC, and interact with him. Hand him the scroll, and he will ask you questions to start a new journey in the 2nd Sea. Click on Accept. Now, again interact with him and he will teleport you to Sea 2 (Wano Island).

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