How to Get Candy in Toilet Tower Defence Simulator (BEST WAYS)

Candy Toilet Tower Defence
Candy Toilet Tower Defence

Roblox Toilet Tower Defence Simulator brings Candy Currency which is a new token allowing players to open mythical crates in the Halloween Update of the game. Candy can be pretty useful to upgrade morphs and unlock new cameramen in this limited-time event.

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Grind for candy in Toilet Tower
Grind for candy in Toilet Tower

Almost every player is struggling to grind and collect candies. So, Here are some of the best methods to farm for candy and have them in hundreds of amounts for free.

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How to get Candy in Toilet Tower Defence Simulator

How to get candy in toilet tower defence
How to get candy in toilet tower defense

Upon the release of the Halloween 2023 Update, a new token – Candy has been added beside coins which can be used to trade or complete upgrades. Overall, it is the best opportunity to move ahead in competing walkthrough progress rapidly.

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Buy Crates and Cameraman
Buy Crates and a Cameraman

There are mainly 3 ways to collect candies in the game. One may reward with a slightly small quantity while the last way is best to get in the fastest way.

Candy Rewards

  • Sinister Cameraman
  • Corrupted Cameraman
  • Monster Speakerman
  • Pumpkin Former
  • and More

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Follow the below steps to grind, farm, and collect candy in Toilet Tower Defence easily.

Candy through Halloween Missions

Halloween Missions in Toilet Tower Defence
Halloween Missions in Toilet Tower Defence

Halloween Missions is currently the main source of candy fast. Similar to completing quests, daily and weekly tasks can be completed thereby rewarding candy with a pretty good quantity.

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For example, reaching 10 waves, Opening 1 Scary Crate, Destroying 100 Toilets, or Playing for 1 hour is a set of easy tasks that help to claim thousands of candy in total.

Halloween Quest TTDS
Halloween Quest TTDS

In order to reach the Halloween Quests board, simply explore the existing map and it can be visible near the Halloween Patch Map.

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Each mission can have a candy reward limit set which is a handy way to prioritize tasks.

Candy through Participating in Game Modes

Play game modes and get candy
Play game modes and get candy

Normal and event-based game modes provide candy but in extremely lesser quantities. Approximately 1/10th of the coin collected is actually converted to candy which might be hard for most players.

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Fortunately, TTDS has a Pumpkin Patch Map which was added in the update and has the highest chances of candy drops.

Pumpkin Patch Map in Toilet Tower Defence
Pumpkin Patch Map in Toilet Tower Defence

As per the Update Log, this map has been set to result in maximum candy collection compared to the rest of the modes.

Candy through Shop

Shop menu in Toilet Tower Defence
Shop menu in Toilet Tower Defence

This might not sound like the most pleasant way to get candy but it is the best shortcut to avoid hard work. Toilet Tower Defence developers allow candy to be purchased from shops directly if the user wishes to do so.

Buy Candy TTD
Buy Candy TTD

In exchange for real money via mini-translation of in-app purchases, large quantities of candy can be brought. It would take no time to claim all crates and unlock new skins via this process.

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Overall, it’s worth spending some time in the game rather than buying as other ways are too effective if the player has the right mindset and patience.

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