Roblox Haze Piece: How to Get Gear 5 (New Update)

Roblox Haze Piece is about to release Gear 5 in its latest update. This update is set to release on October 20 and will introduce Gear 5 as the strongest ability that players can use against enemies to wipe them off completely.

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Here is a guide on How to get Gear 5 in Haze Piece along with its superb powers that are worth trying to feel the extreme strength exhibited by the protagonist character.

Updated on 20th October 2023, By Uday Kakade: As of now, a New Update is live on Haze Piece, allowing users to not only get the Gear 5 mechanism but also Gum-Gum Devilfruit which is one of the most incredible devils fruit to claim. Gear 5 comes with fabulous potencies, enabling its Wilders to utilize them on battlefields.

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Haze Piece Gear 5

Haze Piece New Update of Gear 5
Haze Piece New Update of Gear 5

Previously, Gear 4 was introduced which was found to be pretty useful in defeating Bosses that are overpowered and require a speed + strength combination that was balanced in this gear. Also, each upcoming gear is a better version of its previous ones.

Also, Haze Piece Second Sea plays a major role while unlocking Gear 5 as these two are basic prerequisites in order to grind for new gear in the game.

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How to get Gear 5 in Haze Piece

How to get Gear 5 Haze Piece
How to get Gear 5 Haze Piece
  1. Open Haze Piece in Roblox
  2. Grind to get Gear 4 as soon as possible
  3. Find a way to unlock Second Sea as well
  4. Once the update is released, grind for Gear 5
  5. Complete quest to get Gear 5
  6. Use this Gear 5 against the boss to showcase its strength

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As of now, there is no official update on an effective way to unlock Gear 5 but from the developers and sources, it can be concluded that having access to Gear 4 and Second Sea is mandatory if the user is aiming to get Gear 5 in future time.

Gear 5 Skills

Haze Piece Gear 5 Skills
Haze Piece Gear 5 Skills
  • Cloud Fly
  • Bajrang Gun
  • Gomu Giant
  • God Clod
  • Kaminari Lightning
  • Spiritual Dominance

These skills are extremely powerful and a combination mixture is perfectly fine to disturb and distract monsters that are hard to handle alone.

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