Clash of Clans: Mashup Madness Event Explained

It looks like the Clash of Clans developers have decided to convey surprising entertainment to the game by adding the Mashup Madness Event. The Mashup Madness is an upcoming event, starting on 13th October, that will fetch 4 brand-new troops, modish elixir storage (allowing you to unlock limited-time edition skins), and decorative items.

However, you might wonder when will this event go live, what actually is it, or what makes it so lavishing. Keep on reading this encyclopedic guide to get yourself familiar with all aspects of the Mashup Madness Event.

The Mashup Madness Event Introduces:

Sour Elixir

Sour Elixir Storage - Clash of Clans
Sour Elixir Storage – Clash of Clans (Image via Judo Sloth)

During the course of the event’s run, one of the elixir storage will turn into the Sour Elixir Storage. You can use the sour elixir to use limited-edition troops skins, buy items for decoration, and much more.

At the inception of this event, the game will ask you to build The Sour Elixir Cauldron, which will recast your elixir storage into sour elixir storage. During this event, this sour elixir will play a very crucial role, and players can loot it from enemy storage.

Once the event is over, the sour elixir storage will return to its normal state, and the Cauldron will be a decorative item.

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Mashup Medals

Madness Madhup Event in Clash of Clans
Madness Madhup Event in Clash of Clans (Image via Judo Sloth)

The Mashup Medals works very similar to Clan Medals. Players can use these medals to buy different types of items like Spooky Spa, Runes, and many more. In addition, the medals are the only medium to claim the Legendary Skin called The Ghost Queen.

The purchasing power of these medals is not exclusive to the home village, as you can decorate your hut in the Clan Capital.

Clash of Clans Introduces 4 New Troop

Town Halls in CoC
Levels of the Troops will be based on the level of your Town Hall

1. Barcher

Initially, Barcher will be a locked troop, accessible from the Mashup Madness Event Claim list. Barcher can be considered as an amalgamation of Sneeky Archer and a Rage Barbarian. It occupies 3 housing spaces and just like a sneaky archer, it is invisible for an initial period.

2. Hog Wizard

Hog Wizards are a mixed product of Hogs and Wizards, with very high Damage Per Second; 309. It is a defense target troop, with a delightful speed.

3. LavaLoon

Just as the name suggests, LavaLoon is a mixture of Lava Hounds and Balloons. LavaLoon is among the best attack strategies we ever used, and now it’s time to deploy them both together.

4. Witch Golem

This great combination of damage-resilient troops and defense-distracting summons adds great input to the attack strategy. While the Witch Golem is on its way, it keeps on summoning the skeleton army, allowing them to easily wipe out buildings.

Players can enjoy this amazing event from October 13th till the end of October 2023.


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