Bedwars Crypt’s Coven: How to beat Crypt Boss & Eldric Boss?

Roblox Bedwars is back with the Halloween 2023 Update which has brought one of the major changes and additions to the game. Bedwar Crypt’s Coven which is a Halloween limited-time event would last for 1 week with unique rewards.

Bedwars Crypts Coven Event
Bedwars Crypts Coven Event

In order to complete this event, the player must defeat two enemies – Crypt Boss and Eldric Boss on the invisible island where the battle takes place. Make sure you learn tactics on how to defeat Eldric Boss in Bedwars easily.

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On completion of this challenge, the player has a chance to get Crypt’s Coven Kit which has the ability to drain health from the opponent and heal team Ally when needed.

Crypt's Coven Bedwars Guide
Crypt’s Coven Bedwars Guide

Here is a guide on How to get Crypt’s Coven Kit in Bedwars along with its badge. Learn how to defeat Crypt Boss which is the first stage of battle for this quest.

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How to get Crypt’s Coven Kit in Bedwars?

Crypt's Coven Bedwars
Crypt’s Coven Bedwars

This Eldric Kit is a new kit that has the magical power to consume some percentage of enemy damage and increase health levels by working as a recovery factor.

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Below are steps that would help you get Crypt’s Coven Skin easily along with its badge in the fastest possible way.

Eldric Kit in Bedwars
Eldric Kit in Bedwars
  1. Form team containing 4 members
  2. Locate the area where Crypt Boss is most likely to be spawned
  3. Kill Eldric just after the previous boss has been wiped out
  4. Crypt’s Cover Event has been completed
  5. Claim the Kit from the menu

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How to beat Crypt Boss in Bedwars

Crypt Boss Bedwars
Crypt Boss Bedwars

In order to start this quest, choose Crypt’s Cover from the arena and start the battle on a server with the remaining 3 helping mates. Find a path that leads to candles and therefore summon Crypt Boss easily.

Below is a summarized version of the steps needed to take to beat Crypt in the Bedwar game.

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Use candels to enter the battle
Use candles to enter the battle
  1. Enter the arena and locate a spot containing candles
  2. Match the color of the candle carefully to enter into a new world
  3. Move straight on invisible steps which take towards the Crypt
  4. Once the boss is summoned, hide yourself from his attacks
  5. Use spears or arrows to hit his upper body causing high damage
  6. Kill instantly with accuracy and attacking strategy

The first boss is easy to handle but the situation is worse when you survive after taking lots of hits from the enemy.

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How to beat Eldric Boss in Bedwars

Eldric Boss Bedwars
Eldric Boss Bedwars

Upon successfully vanishing the Crypt, Eldric Boss is summoned from nowhere. It should be noted that Eldric has far more fierce powers compared to Crypt’s Coven and don’t try to underestimate this villain.

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Bedwar New kit Showcase
Bedwar New kit Showcase
  1. Kill Crypt’s Coven to start a battle with Eldric
  2. Use Bow and Arrow to hit from a longer distance
  3. Be careful of his wand and explosive attacks
  4. Quickly jump on the orange area of the floor turns red in color
  5. Surround from all directions to distract the boss
  6. Follow these tactics repeatedly to lower his health
  7. This is how players can defeat Eldric easily.

The actual situation is far more tense as damage caused by the previous boss still affects health while one more wave is left to withstand.

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