Anime Champions Simulator: All 5 Scarecrow Locations in Witch-hunt Quest

Anime Champions Simulator is back with a Witch-hunt challenge consisting of scarecrows hidden at various locations on the map. There are a total of 5 scarecrows that are hard to find due to their camouflage.

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Here is a guide on All 5 Scarecrow locations in the Anime Champions Simulator helping players to get candies and boost which can be used to claim other essential unlockables of the game.

All Scarecrow Locations in Anime Champions
All Scarecrow Locations in Anime Champions

Along with scarecrow, Anime Champions Meowey Location is critically important in order to free caged cats to accomplish quests.

Scarecrow Locations in Anime Champions Simulator

Anime Champions Scarecrow Witch-hunt event
Anime Champions Scarecrow Witch-hunt event

Champion City hides some of the finest objects of the Halloween Update. Scarecrows have an extremely dark look with scary eyes lying still on the wooden stick. It’s time to hunt and find them without grinding or struggling too hard.

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Below is the location of each and every scarecrow object which will surely help players to locate the existing map easily.

Scarecrow Location 1: Behind Rerolls

Scarecrow Location 1
Scarecrow Location 1

Champion City is actually not too vast to explore. For active players, leaderboard and quest sections are extremely important. Learning how to AFK raids is an important factor in getting rolls and rerolls.

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For the first scarecrow location, users should find a Rerolls board which most of you will be familiar with. Climb the small building and on the backside is our token.

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At the center near the corner lies the first Anime Champions Scarecrow which is the most visible location in this whole mission.

Scarecrow Location 2: 2nd floor behind Machines building

Scarecrow Location 2
Scarecrow Location 2

Once the first token is collected, head towards the Machines building which contains more than three floors. Fly towards this place or simply walk the distance between two consecutive items.

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Now, fly over this building and get to the backside. Using the jump button, enter the second floor of the side building that contains the scarecrow. Claim this as soon as possible to move towards the next one.

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As the tower is white in color, our token is easily accessible without any interference.

Scarecrow Location 3: Beside Raids building

Scarecrow Location 3
Scarecrow Location 3

This particular location is the hardest among all 5 as the pitch-black design of the scarecrow perfectly matches with the surroundings thereby making trouble in locating its exact position.

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Turn around from the current position and head towards the Raids area which is 4 stories with a simple design. Now, try searching by flying over the place looking at all possible corners and angles.

Have a look at the right side structure which holds our next scarecrow. Calmly collect as half the task is completed in this course of time and action.

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Scarecrow Location 4: Base of Tree near Tower

Scarecrow Location 4
Scarecrow Location 4

The tower is the highest property on the map. Navigate towards this structure and explore nearby surroundings which mostly consist of trees and mountains.

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One of the mountains has a broad base tree with fat Pumpkins near it. Behind this pumpkin is our next scarecrow token. This is the second last object in the Witch-hunt event of the game.

Scarecrow Location 5: Top of Cosmics area

Scarecrow Location 5
Scarecrow Location 5

This is the last scarecrow that can be readily collected from the map. There is uncertainty to spawn between the tower and the Anime Champions Cosmics building as most players have different locations to claim.

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Look for a luxurious pink-colored building that is full of decoration from the entry point of view. Reach at the top floor and turn around to collect the last object.

How to get Meowey in Anime Champions Simulator
How to get Meowy in Anime Champions Simulator

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Now, you have all the scarecrows using the locations that we provided. It’s time to learn about how to find Meowey Location in Anime Champions Simulator. Best of luck to you!


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