Roblox Peroxide: How to Get Shikai (Reaper Progression)

In the Roblox game Peroxide, Shikai represents the second form of Zanpakuto, which is a mystic sword wielded by Soul Reaper. Currently, there are 7 Shikai obtainable in the game, and players can have access to them by following esteemed processes. Each Shikai has a given rarity, making it harder to acquire infrequent ones.

But no worries, to this extent here is the encyclopedic guide on getting Shikai in Roblox Peroxide.

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How to Get Shikai in Roblox Peroxide

roblox peroxide how to get shikai
Roblox Peroxide: How to Get Shikai

Shinigami Level 15 Needed

In order to get Shikai, make sure you have at least level 15 of your Soul Reaper, to begin with the Shikai quest. Reaching out to level 15 is no task in Peroxide, as the level can be easily boosted by increasing Experience Points. Complete tasks and missions, fight enemies, and participate in events to do so.

Joining a clan, fighting in the arena, and using EXP boost are some of the additional ways to increase the level quickly.

Now Meditate

Once you have reached level 15, you have to go into a meditation pose. Press the N key to go into the meditation procedure. Make sure to find a safe place, where you can do this process.

When you are in a total meditated state, you will spawn into a minigame. Collect at least 50 orbs here. Once the target is complete, a message will appear, asking for a Shinigami head. The message will be:

It is the Time. To Test Thou Faith

A Rogue Shinigami. Kill One. Bring me Their Head.

Kill a Rogue Shinigami

Now go to the Soul Society by using Senkoimon. Press E to do so. Most of the time, the rogue Shinigami are outside the city in the soul society.

Before going toe-on-toe against a rogue Shinigami, make sure you have 30 strength and 30 vitality. If you don’t match up to these criteria, Shinigami is more likely to defeat you.

Don’t be afraid to face death, as you will respawn in the same place again. Then do the given procedure again, and get Shikai. On killing a rogue Shinigami, you will get an item that can be deemed as proof. Once again, go into the meditation pose and collect 50 orbs again.

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Slay a Hollow and Kill the Boss

Now, we need to slay a powerful Hollow, which can be done in Hui Komodo through a portal. Kill an Adjucha here and meditate again. Further, talk to the soul in the dark and go against the Boss.

By following the given steps, you have successfully claimed the Shikai. To use it, Press the G button.


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