Roblox Peroxide: How to Get Segunda + Resurrection

In Roblox, Peroxide is a popular game inspired by Bleach anime. It has recently introduced a Progression update. In this Bleach anime game, stats are numerical values, that determine the strength of your character. Certainly, you can increase these stats easily by following the methods prescribed here.

Check out this comprehensive guide on leveling up stats in Roblox Peroxide quickly.

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Types of Stats in Peroxide

Roblox Peroxide
Roblox Peroxide – There are types of stats, which determine your skills
  • Strength: Determines the physical abilities of your character
  • Vitality: Specifies the health of your character
  • Spirit: It determines reiatsu, which is used to perform abilities

How to Level up Stats Fast in Peroxide?

Peroxide - Roblox
Increase stats easily by following the ways prescribed

There are five ways to level up your stats in the game:

  1. Mission Board
  2. Kisuke Training
  3. Kisuke Chores
  4. Gourd
  5. Invasion

Players go through these ways separately to level up the stats. To be honest, players can easily boost their stats by doing all these steps together.

Under the stats section, there are two types of stats; Support Stats and Combat Stats. The more the stars and bar, the more the stats in the game. Once the limit break bar is filled completely, new levels are unlocked and the Max Level potential is increased.

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Right now, the fastest way to fill this bar is doing a combat or an invasion. You can activate Kisuke Training every 30 minutes. Make sure to do it after every interval to advance your stats.

Do the thing with another training module to increase spirit and claim stars on the bar. Just make sure have Gourds to go through Gourd training. Gourds can be secured by killing the Hollows.

DOJO Training

Peroxide Dojo Training

If you are new to the game, you can use Dojo to significantly boost your rating. In Peroxide, DOJO is a training area where players can increase their stats, enhance skills, and train their moves.

To enter DOJO training, players have to interact with the DOJO signpost. This simple way will enter you into DOJO and numerous activities like strength training, Vitality training, Spirit and Skill pieces of training will be made available. The location of DOJO is in Seireitei which is the home of the Soul Reapers

Players can train here regularly to hone their skills and carry out their smooth journey in the game. Additionally, DOJO training is very helpful in defeating the higher-level bosses and unlocking the latest abilities.


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