Roblox Haze Piece: How to Get Devil Fruits Fast?

Roblox Haze Piece is a newly released anime game, inspired by the One Piece series. Haze Piece shares some similar notes with the real One Piece, and the inclusion of Devil Fruits is among them. Devil Fruit is a single source of acquiring unfathomable power in Haze Piece.

This game boasts almost all the devil fruits that One Piece has. The same as the series protagonist’s devil fruit; Gomu Gomu no Mi or Rubber Rubber Devil Fruit, players can get it in Haze Piece as well.

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However, most of the players might face difficulties in gathering devil fruits in the Haze Piece. To that extent, here is a comprehensive guide on getting devil fruits fast in Roblox Haze Piece.

How to Get Devil Fruits in Roblox Haze Piece?

In the realm of this Roblox game, there are several ways through which devil fruits can be secured.

Way 1 – Daily Rewards

Roblox Haze Piece Daily Rewards
Roblox Haze Piece Daily Rewards will provide you with devil fruits (Image via Builderboy)

Logging in daily is the most simple way to guarantee a devil fruit. For this players just have to open the game and claim the daily rewards. On the 2nd and 7th day, a devil fruit might appear. If you are lucky enough, you might end up getting the most formidable devil fruits.

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Rewards from the daily rewards section:

Number of Day Rewards
Day 1 2x EXP for 1 Hour
Day 2 Random Uncommon Devil Fruit
Day 3 50 Gems
Day 4 $150k Cash
Day 5 150 Gems
Day 6 +5 Race Spins
Day 7 Random Rare Devil Fruit

Players just have to be consistent in playing the game, and get the free rewards listed above.

Way 2 – Gems

Haze Piece Rewards
The Haze Piece Rewards section will provide you with gems (Image via BuilderBoy)

In any video game, in-game currency plays a vital role. Meanwhile, the gems recreate the most crucial part. Haze Piece is no exception to this. Players can easily get devil fruits by employing the gems.

In order to get gems fast in Haze Piece, you can either follow the Way 1 or click on rewards, which might deliver you gems. Once you have an adequate number of Gems, you can swap them for devil fruit at Fruit Dealers.

In the fruit shop, you have to place 50 gems to spin the will. It will randomly grant you common, rare, legendary drop, mystical, or uncommon devil fruit. Be noted that mystical devil fruit has only a 0.5% chance of securing.

As of now, these two ways are the only known methods to get a devil fruit in Haze Piece. There are instances that the game might add additional tracks to do so.

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