Military Tycoon Abrams X Tank: How to Unlock, Features [Review]

Military Tycoon brings Abrams X tank in its newest update. In order to unlock this vehicle, the player needs to complete the vehicle quest by fulfilling the desired mission to collect cash points and finally redeem them to claim the tank.

Here is a guide on How to get Abrams X tank vehicle along with its fantastic features and overall strength and weakness while considering before taking into battles.

Abrams X Tank Military Tycoon

How to get Abrams X tank Military Tycoon
How to get Abrams X tank Military Tycoon

Military Tycoon Abrams X Tank is an anti-missile system technology vehicle capable of attacking enemies from long-range attacks. At present no upgrades or new skins are introduced but still stats of Abrams X are pretty fascinating and worth using in one-on-one battles in the game.

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How to unlock Abrams X Tank in Military Tycoon

How to unlock Abrams X tank in Military Tycoon
How to unlock Abrams X tank in Military Tycoon

Abrams X is locked and can be unlocked if 4 different types of quest are completed which follows a path of collecting a total of more than 100k money points. Use the following ideal goals to progress throughout this new quest mission easily

  1. Complete the new vehicle quest in Military Tycoon
  2. Successfully accomplished 4 mini-missions
  3. The first mission is to collect crate drops (easy)
  4. Steal Bank to collect maximum points (medium)
  5. Participate in elite mission to move one step forward (hard)
  6. Capture oil rigs and fortresses at last (hard)
  7. Reach 100k points as well to claim Abrams X vehicle

Step 1: Collect Crate Drops

With 8000+ points, Crate Drops is the best method to reach the ultimate goal of 100k points. If the user is comfortable, attempt this task several times to increase coin collection by a massive rate.

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Step 2: Steal money from a Bank Heist

Bank is the perfect place to loot free cash. With simple and effective weapons and vehicles, bank heists can be a steady source of points in the Military Tycoon.

Unlike other missions, this loop can continue forever leading to an infinite money glitch if the user does the same thing after some period.

Step 3: Complete Elite Missions in Military Tycoon

Elite missions to complete new vehicle quest
Elite missions to complete new vehicle quest

Elite Missions different greatly from normal tasks or quests. The more superior task is to be executed in a hardcore manner and difficulty is at its peak. There is no escape unless you are dead meat or a conqueror. Complete wisely and move ahead for the last part of the quest

Step 4: Raid and Capture Oil Rigs and Fortresses

Oil rigs and Fortresses are highly secured locations but raiding is possible. Using Best Military Tycoon Jets or moderate tanks is one and last thing needed. Aerial style is proven to have more impact and better-winning rates

Features of Abrams X Tank in Military Tycoon

Military Tycoon Abrams X Tank
Military Tycoon Abrams X Tank

Below are some of the finest features of Abrams X. This article is sort of a review that analyzes and measures the worthiness of a tank by comparing it with its peer belonging.

  • Health: 8.5k
  • Speed: 20
  • Weapon: Machine Gun & Barrel Gun
  • Feature: Anti-missile System equipped
  • Skins or Upgrades: Not yet available
  • Special Ability: Laser beam destroys missile

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Overall, Abrams X performs extremely well against Jets but bombs and gun attacks are discarded against its anti-missile system. With laser beams, no missile crashes but multiple missiles fired simultaneously don’t help the tank to protect itself.


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