How to Get Lure Glove + Cath Emm All Badge in Roblox Slap Battles

Roblox Slap Battle is among the most enjoyed game, that circulates around a single goal of slapping others. Different types of gloves are the factor that adds enjoyment to the game. Just after the addition of Gravity Glove in Slap Battles, Tencelll decides to introduce Lure Glove.

Continue going through this comprehensive guide, which will show you the easiest way to get Lure Glove and Cath Emm All Badge in Roblox Slap Battles.

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Roblox Slap Battles: Lure Glove + Cath Emm All Badge Guide

How to Get Lure Glove in Slap Battles
Following the proper steps can easily grant access to lure glove (Image via PremiumSalad)

Lure Glove is the latest addition to the pool of gloves, which is a badge glove. That means the players have to get a badge, regardless of the number of slaps they delivered in the game.

Lure Glove:

  • Power: 58
  • Speed: 15
  • Ability: Lure
  • Passive

This glove does not require the operation to be done on public servers. Therefore, players can easily get the glove with friends on a private server.

Cath Emm All Badge in Slap Battles
Cath Emm All Badge in Slap Battles (Image via Roblox Tencelll)

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In order to claim the Lure Glove, you need to get the Cath Emm All Badge. To do so, you will need 4 players with 4 gloves in total; Leash, Fish, Kraken, and Squid. One who intends to acquire the badge needs to equip a Leash glove. Now, enter the normal arena with all 4 players.

Now, the Leash Glove user has to slap each and every player with the Leash. Ask your friends to get slapped with the Leash Glove.

Be sure to have players with 2,750 slaps in Slap battles, Fish and Kraken Badge unlocked.

By following the given steps, you can easily get the Lure Glove as well as the Cath Emm All Badge required to get the glove.

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